[ how to say goodbye ]

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"I'm so.. happy.." his hand twitched, just a little, not too much.

He was too shocked, too paralyzed, too terrified to speak at this moment. His world was crashing; the spectrum of colors slowly faded into just a canvas of molten black, then it began to rip away, piece by piece, until it faded away into nothingness. The small hand tucked gently underneath his, curved perfectly into his sweaty palm.

"I.. have a request.." her breathing hitched, she gasped for breath. Doctors and nurses, they watched silently from the corner of the room, all wearing the faces of shame and pity, they failed to do their job this time.

When he didn't reply, she continued with a knowing smile, "Can you.. take care of Rin.. for me?"

No budge, "Len.. please?"

Again, no answer, but time was running short, and Miku was never one to leave without consent, "Len!" this time was harsher, yet it was still timid in a way that you could only describe as pleading.

At this, he snapped awake, blinking a couple times, attempting to revive some life back into his azure eyes, she smiled weakly, he knew her light was fading.

"I.. I know you can do it.. you'll be a great father.. take care of.." a pause, a cough, a panicked squeeze of the hands, "Rin.. I'll always be watching on you..."

He could only silently nod, agreeing to the terms she had given him. He knew how upset she got when she didn't get her way with such important things like this.

"I love you." it was barely audible as she breathed her last and her eyes fluttered to a close, but he heard it; he took in her last words, grasped it selfishly and locked it away tightly in the deepest, darkest part of his shattering heart.

One breath, two breaths, then three. Then finally, his mind shattered into the horrible reality of it all. Finally, a loud noise slipped from his lips as he threw his head back, it was the noise of a broken hearted man who was at his limit of suffering.

The doctors forcefully pulling him out of the room, and placed him in a different one. One that had some light to it, there was a sudden change in the air, and a joyous sound like the tinkling of bells had finally reached his ears.

Turning his head, flushed cheeks, red eyes, and tear stain face, his eyes scanned a little cradle carrying the most beautiful thing he laid his eyes on. Slowly crouching down to the side, he sniffled and extended a finger to gently stroke a red, chubby cheek of the face of his most precious treasure.

I know you can do it.. you'll be a great father.. he hoped he will be, starting today was his new life.. and he would spent forever protecting and cherishing the last present he ever got from her.

"Hello.. I'm your papa.. Rin Kagamine."

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