Chapter 3

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Sugino POV

We were all walking on the mountain to who knows where,and it's also reallyyyyyyy hot out here.I asked,"Sensei,where the hell are we going?!"Ritsu said,"there's a pool on the main campus."Sugaya said,"It's going to be a death march if we go there."Kayano asked,"Death march?"Nagisa replied,"It's when 3-E goes to the pool on a hot weather,It's so hot that you won't even be able to make it there alive."Kayano said,"Ohhhh."Korosensei exclaimed,"Here we are students,Class 3-E's very own pool!"We were all excited and ran off doing our own thing,Until Korosensei kept blowing his whistle to stop us from doing something.It was so annoying. Kurahashi then said,"Korosensei,you should have some fun!"and tried to splash water on him but he just shrieked in terror.Everyone sweat dropped at his reaction and Karma was just shaking his chair to get him to fall.This scene was just so,how do I put this? Irritating.After all that we went back to class.Its been a while since we saw Itona and Hirisawa.We hadn't seen them since Itona and Hirisawa revealed their tentacles to us.We wondered sometimes what kind of past they had,especially Hirisawa since she knew Bitch Sensei and Korosensei longer than any of us had.When she called Bitch Sensei"Big Sis Irina"we thought that they were related till she said that they weren't,we wanted to ask more about her but Korosensei and Karasuma Sensei stopped us telling to leave her alone for awhile.It must have been a shock to her about Hirisawa,I once heard her say something about killing her or something.

Terasaka POV

The whole gang was now under that monster's command.They were all thinking about being friends and happy things,well.....I don't give a damn about it! That monster was the one who destroyed the moon and is going to destroy earth next year,they're all not taking it seriously,they're all idiots! While thinking this,someone tapped my shoulder from behind.I was about to punch that person for touching me so freely and when I tried to hit that person,he was surprised by the sudden action and fell backwards.Then I realized I almost hit a girl,not just any girl,Hirisawa Izaya.

Then I realized I almost hit a girl,not just any girl,Hirisawa Izaya

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(Imagine the girl has white hair and blue to purple eyes)

She was on the ground.She looked up at me and stared me right in the eyes.I asked normally ,"It's you,what do you want?" If she had been a guy,I would have definitely yelled at her,but since she was a girl and I almost accidentally punched her,I just kept my cool.She then said,"Shiro wants to have a word with you in the forest right now." I looked at her and since I was sick of staying near the E class building,I nodded and followed her into the forest.

While we were walking,I asked her,"Sooo.....,Why does he want to see me?"She then replied,"He wants to ask you something." "Know what he's going to ask?" "Kind of,he actually tells me any plan he's got in mind,but I always space out cause it's bit boring honestly." I looked at her with a raised eyebrow but kept walking. We walked in silence then she spoke up,"Terasaka,I've been around lots of different types of people since I was little.And if I decide to pay attention,I would look into their eyes and see what kind of person they are.They are some who are stuck in some sort of cage,others who are free......and you,someone who's free and says what's on their mind.But it's also as if you force yourself to act this way.You know that people hate you cause you act rude and mean around them right? But they never think in another perspective don't they?"she looked at me and continued,"but what they don't know is that even if you're mean and say rude things,it's just because you're more honest than anyone.About your feelings and yourself.They label you as a bad guy,but they just don't see the real honest you inside."she stared at me and said,"Terasaka,don't pick the wrong choice all right.Even if you think that no one wants to be with you,they're still others who want to try and back you up when you need them.You just have to be more honest.Oh,and call me Izaya.I don't like my family name all that much."I looked at her with a surprised expression and she gave me small smile but when we reached a small clearing,she stopped smiling and had a blank expression.Shiro was there and he gestured me to come to him.I looked back at Izaya and she nodded,then a tentacle that appeared out of nowhere had slid around her waist and pulled her up into a tree and I saw Itona there.She was surprised as well then slowly regained her composure and watched me and Shiro.Shiro then said,"I know you hate that monster,if you want that bounty,I could help you."He then showed me a bug spray,"If you accept our help,you will need to throw this in the classroom where that monster is." He looked at me and asked,"Do you accept?" I looked at him,then glanced at Izaya and Itona.They were watching me.But I then looked into Izaya's eyes,she seems to be pleading me to stop but her expression just remains neutral.I looked back and Shiro and said,"Hell yeah I'll do it!"I grinned.He then said,"When you're done with this task,come back here immediately,We'll be waiting here for you."I turned to left back to class,but before I could go, Itona came down the tree while carrying Izaya in his arms.Once he put her down,he walked up to me and said something about wolves or hay.I then left to class.

After I was done with my so called task,I came back here immediately and Shiro explained the plan.

(Next day)

It was time for the plan of action,I managed to get everything in place and told the plan to the class.I was told to trigger the gun and the whole thing would start.But when I did,the dam that the monster had built exploded and the whole class was floating away.I stood frozen in place then Karma came up to me and talked sense in me and In the end,I followed his plan.We got to where Itona and that monster was fighting,that monster was soaking up more water as he battled Itona.I had to use my shirt to grab one of Itona's tentacles and he started sneezing,whatever that bug spray contained,it was actually working on him.While I was taking hits,the whole class then pitched in and started splashing water on him that made his tentacles grow bigger and heavier since it was sucking up water.We then won since he couldn't fight back anymore.Then Shiro said something and left with Itona being helped by Izaya.Izaya then looked at me and gave a small smile without anyone noticing.She then mouthed the words,Good Job and left.

Then karma came by and said something about being his slave.I was pissed and threw him into the water,we argued.Then Maehera and Nakamura held him and then we all started this water fight.As I was still arguing,I felt as if I was having fun and then thought back to what Izaya said.She was right I have to admit.She saw through me,but then again,why would she tell me this? I don't understand what that girl is thinking but I hope she and that Itona guy could join the class one day.Maybe....well,who cares.I'm having fun right now.

Itona POV

I failed again! Again! I was pacing around my room with rage while Izaya was just watching me.She then spoke up,"Itona,getting angry like that won't do you any good.You have to calm down,if you aren't calm,you're going to make a lot more mistakes." I then looked at her and said,"I want to be strong,I need to be! My parents left me! They abandoned me!" She looked at me and said,"Itona,I'll tell you this now.There might be a day where I would have to leave or turn against you....if I do,I'll trust you make the right decision." After she said that,she left the room.I then thought about what she said and then just slept on my bed.

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