Chapter 16

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Awww,you two just look made for each other.It would be a shame if something happened to any of you. Hahahaha

Your Pov

"(Yawn)"I yawned and Chat chuckled." You should really go to sleep princess" He stated.I pouted"But I don't want you to go!" I cried out an he shook his head smiling. He got up from my bed and faced me.

"I'll come back tomorrow, don't worry" He said and gave me a peck. I giggled and deepened the kiss trying to make him stay. He pulled back and smirked, as he figured out my plan.

He ruffled my hair and saluted me, jumping out of the balcony. I sighed and went to close it and lock it. Tiredly walked to my bed and just flopped on it, closing my eyes and a deep slumber took over me.

I woke up in the middle of the night cause I was hot. I rolled on the bed trying to find a cooler spot on it but nothing. I got up and went to my window. I opened it and the fresh parisian night air took over my heated face.

I decided that I would keep the window open. Nothing would happen to me if the window was open so I kept it that way.

I jumped on my bed once more, closing my eyes and sleeping peacefully. Though what I didn't know is that leaving the window open was a big mistake.  

Chat Noir Pov

"Ahhh, what better than go and see my little kitten today" I stated as I jumped from roof to roof. I passed the park and decided to pick some roses for my princess. I jumped back and spotted my purrincess's house.

I grinned and landed on her balcony. I knocked my signature knock but no one came. Weird. I found a spot on the glass that wasn't covered by the curtain and looked inside to find... no one.

"Where is she? She said that she didn't have anything today" I found her window open and I jumped through it. "Princess? Are you hiding from me?" I chuckled at the thought.

I searched around the room until I checked the window once more. My eyes widened and I dropped the flowers to the  floor. The windowsill had deep scratches that could be made of someone trying to hold on it.

I practically scanned the room for any clues until I found an envelope with a green paw print. That wasn't a good sign.

I quickly grasped it and opened it. I read it carefully and my eyes widened in fear. Y/N was in the grasp of Hawk Moth? But how did he found out? We kept it a secret. Mike wouldn't tell and neither would Ladybug so... except if Hawk Moth send someone to spy on us.

I growled lowly and as quick as the wind flew out of the window. I took out my staff and contacted Ladybug. She picked up with a questionable look.

"Ladybug quick I need your help!" I stated the anger and fear evident in my voice. She looked at me concerned.

"What's wrong" She asked."I don't know how but Hawk Moth captured Y/N and he told me that if I want her back, then I'll have to get mine and your miraculous." I stated shaking a little. Her eyes widened.

"O-Ok tell me where you are and I'll be on my way" She said and I told her my location. She nodded and told me she'll be there in 30 seconds.

I sighed closing my staff. I really didn't want to loose Y/N. She is so precious to me and if I lost her, I don't think that I would ever forgive myself.

Then Ladybug jumped next to me. I whipped my tears away and she looked at me worriedly. I nodded my head and we started searching for Hawk Moth's location.


Your Pov

"Why do you want me? I'm nothing special!" I stated to the guy named Hawk Moth. "Oh you innocent small child. I don't want you!"He said in a sickening sweet tone. "All I want is Ladybug's and Chat Noir's miraculous. You are simply the bait"He said and I shivered.

"But,why don't we make this more interesting "He asked and I got confused."W-What do you mean?"I asked kind of scared. He smirked.

"Oh don't you worry.All I want is Ladybug's and Chat Noir's miraculous.'ll get them for me. "He said holding a white butterfly and turning it purple. My eyes widened. How did he-

"Ahhhh" I screamed in pain. He just chuckled. "Oh my pour little soul, I know that if you turn akumatised, Chat Noir won't be able to fight you and he will also stop Ladybug. So it will be so much easier to get their miraculous."

He laughed and everything went black.

Narrator's Pov

"Did you find anything?" Chat asked Ladybug. She turned his way and shook her head. He growled and continued jumping. "We need to find her. Hawk Moth could do anything to her. I can't loose her" Chat said as his grip on his staff tightened.

They searched for at least an hour until they heard a huge explosion. They both turned around and they headed towards it. Smoke was scattered every where and you could barely see. Ladybug used her yoyo to clear some smoke out of their way.

They were then able to walk through it. With Chat's night vision, they were able to reach the other side unharmed. Chat extended his staff while Ladybug stopped moving.

They both got into a fighting stance. Their backs against each other. Suddenly, everything went silent. The only thing that was heard were their soft breathings. Chat's ear twitched as he heard something approaching them. 

Footprints were now hearable and a silhouette was now clear behind the smoke. It clapped it's hands as it approached them.

"Well well well, you did a great job for passing the smoke as a team!" The figure said in a sickening sweet tone. "It would be a shame if something bad happened to your small team"

That voice was so familiar to Chat. "Show yourself" Chat shouted and the figure smirked.  "Gladly" It answered and out of the shadows came Chat's worse nightmare. He widened his eyes as he stared at it.

"What is it kitty? Cat got your tongue?" 

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