chap 2

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i walked out the house and started heading to mine. when i got there, i walked in to see my brother James sitting with my mom in the living room

"where have you been!" yelled my mom

"well a milkovich kept me hostage for a while"

"lies you were probably off banging some guy" said my brother

"was not"

"was to"

"was not"

"was to"

"I'm leaving again you people drive me nuts" i stormed out of my house and headed to ians house. I walked in and run up stairs to see ian sitting in his bed

"hey ian" i said

"hey andrea sorry about mickey i didn't mean to bring you in to it"

"its fine"

"ok so me and mandy made peace wanna go to her house"


he grabbed my arm and dragged my all the way to mandys house and knocked on the door

"hey ian what do you want" said mandy opening the door

"i want  you and andrea to become friends"


"thought you guys would hit it off"


mandy opened the door wider for us to get in and we went to the couch and sat down

"why the hell you guys back" said mickey walking in

"shut up" ian said annoyed

"fuck you" he replied 

mickey walked back into his room slamming the door and me and mandy started talking

"i heard your parents and brother have like hell of a lot of drugs" said mandy


"my dad like really hates them"

"i don't blame him"

"i met them once they were drunk as fuck"

"they are always drunk"

next day

me and ian were in Kash and grab talking when mickey walked

"hey" he said walking in

"what do you want mickey" ian said

"cigarettes ian, calm your fucking tits"

i went behind the cash register and got the cigarettes and handed them to him

"that will be a two dollar" i said smirking

"why don't i just take them and leave"

"i think the fuck not"

i got really pissed at him so i kicked him in the balls which made ian burst out laughing

"oh now you have a fucking death wish" mickey said before running after me

"oh shit"

i ran out the door with him a few feet behind me. I got to an alley realizing its a dead end

"andrea what the fuck!" he yelled

"i liked the game" i said laughing 

he walked over to me and slammed me against the wall

"can you sop doing that" i said annoyed

"why does it bother you" he smirked 


we heard a crash behind us like someone moving

"mickey can i go" i said 

"wait shut up"

"you shut up"

"shut your mouth for just a second"


"damn your so difficult"

i just nodded

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