Chapter Seven ~ Turbo

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Chapter Seven ~ Turbo

Ava Chance

"Ava May Chance!" My Grandma screeched for the twentieth time. "Where have you been!?"


"Answer me!"

"I was with a friend," I spoke softly with my head down.

"Which friend?"

"A boy."



"You're not seeing him anymore," she said sternly.

"What?" I cried, "But you said you love him!"

"I did love him, but not anymore," she explained calmly. "Now go to bed, we're not talking about this anymore."



With a frustrated groan, I trudged my way up the stairs, stubbornly stomping each foot to my bedroom.

After a quick shower and brushing my teeth, I was dressed in 'Stitch' pj's.

As I turned off my bedroom light and almost tripped on my Homer Simpson slippers, a small blinking light went off from the far corner of the purple room where my phone was.

I quickly walked over, making sure not to trip again as I picked up my phone.

Don't forget 2 dream about me ;) -Coop

He put his number into my phone...

The next morning, I dressed in my dad's old army jacket, jean shorts and a black crop top. My hair was curled into a side braid with natural simple makeup.

Not making the same mistake again, I ate a whole breakfast as I waited for Grace to pick me up.

Right on cue, the loud honk of Grace's car sent me sprinting down the driveway, with my bag in one hand and a strawberry milkshake in the other.

"Hey sugar," she greeted as I slid into my seat. "Mmm...milkshake." She stared at my Milkshake in a trance, waiting for me to give in and give her some.

"Oh here, you goof." I laughed at her excited look as she eagerly slurped down some.

"You lovvveee me though."

"Oh do I?" I gave her a daring look.

"You do if you want to keep your head," she said in all seriousness.

"Okay, okay. I love you." We both laughed.

"I miss these talks," she sighed after laughing.

"Me too."

"You never see me anymore, Boo, Where are you all the time?"


"Do these places involve Cooper?"

"Not anymore."

"WHAT?!" She screeched as she almost crashed into another car.

"My grandma has forbidden me."

"No, no, no. This won't do," she clucked as we sped along.

The day dragged on, long and boring. A few times I spotted Cooper but did my best to avoid him.

Now it was the last period of the day; English.

"Sit down class; we'll be assigning partners today for our next project," Mrs. Lawfeild announced as our hectic class scurried to their seats.

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