Chapter 24

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Cece’s P.O.V.

“He has feelings for me, for me? Since when? Why didn’t he say something?” I think out loud. I hear my door open and see my brother standing there. His hair a mess and a look that lets me know he just woke up.

“I thought you left with Stella?” I ask.

“Yes, she just felt sick from what she ate when we were out on a date and she asked me to take her home, I was asleep. What are you doing? I could hear your footstep going back and forth. Where’s Jace?” He asks with a confused look.

“Outside in my car.” I say groaning. I sit on my bed crossed legged and intertwine my fingers and look up at Tanner who looks even more confused with what I just said.


“He told me loves me.” I mumble.

“He what? He finally told you?” He asks surprised and with a grin. He’s wide awake now.

“Wipe that stupid grin off your face Tanner before I wipe it off for you” I say throwing myself back against my bed.

“What do I do? This is going to get so fucking weird now” I mumble to myself.

“Not if you don’t make it. Do you feel something for him?” Tanner asks me as he sits beside me looking down. I shrug not saying a word.

“Ce, it’s a yes or no. Do. You. Like. Jace?”

“I-I don’t know. I might, I don’t know Tanner. How am I supposed to know that answer?” I question.

“You guys are so fucking complicated. It’s simple, really. If you ask me, I’d hump and dump Jace.” He says making me look up at him to see him grinning at me which made me laugh.


“I knew that make you laugh. But in all seriousness, do you want something with Jace?”

What do I say? Do I want something with Jace? Yes, you fucking idiot you do. This is your chance! Go, run out of here and tell him you want him.

No, what if he doesn’t want me after running out like that from him?

Oh, goodness, Cece, go tell him how you feel and kiss the life out of him. You've waiting too long for this.

I look up at Tanner and he has a look across his face that let's me know he knows what I'm thinking.

Of course he does idiot that's your twin for crying out loud.

I roll my eyes at myself and get off my bed.

“Finally” I hear Tan mumble before he leaves my room. When I'm about to leave my room I hear footsteps in the hallway making me stop.

“Open the fucking door Tanner, stop playing around” I hear Jace. I look over at Tanner’s door and Jace looks upset and tired.

Now or never, Ce.

I walk out of my room and grab onto Jace’s arm pulling him into my room closing the door behind Jace and pushing him against the closed door. I pull him down and kiss him roughly. He doesn't respond quickly, my guess out of shock, but as soon as he recovers he wraps his arms around my waist picking me up making me wrap my legs around him out of fear of falling.

When we pull apart I lean my forehead against his and close my eyes breathless.

“I like you, too, Jace, a lot.” I breathlessly say.

“Why did you leave me out there like that than?”

“I-I was scared, still am. You caught me off guard too. I thought you hated me, but you don't”

“I don't, never have and never would, Ce. I love you and you're honestly the only woman I've had eyes for. Nothing will ever change that. I'm sorry I was the way I was with you and I hope from here on you'll let me make you the happiest woman alive and wife in the future.” I look into his eyes noticing the happiness he has radiate off of him. I lean in and kiss him lightly.

“I'd like that.” I say smiling at him.

“I'm so glad you were failing math.”

“So am I” He leans in and kissing me softly soon turning into a rough, love-filled kiss.

The End!

I actually wasn't planning to end it here, but shit happened and this is the end. I'll be writing the epilogue hopefully this weekend, so look forward to that and what happened to the characters.

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