Something There

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Later that day, Jestro decided he was feeling better and got out of bed. He grabbed a pair of pyjamas laying on the floor; not really feeling like properly getting dressed. The cursed jester made his way out of his room; squinting as the sunlight shined in his eyes. Jestro made his way downstairs as he heard the voices of his family in the dining room. He followed the sounds of talking and chatting. He heard Lavaria talking about Clay.

"He could be the one!" She spoke in a hopeful tone. "He could be the one who will break the curse!"

"So he falls in love with him, then poof! The curse is broken! We'll be human again by midnight!" Beast Master replied; his pets barking joyfully.

"Beast master; it's not going to be easy." Whiparella disagreed. "Something like this is going to take time."

Jestro began to walk into the room as the monsters conversed.

"Time is something we don't have." Magmar reminded. "If you haven't already noticed, another rose petal fell this morning; just like last night-"

Magmar saw Jestro in the doorway. Everyone looked towards the doorway to see their master. Jestro looked at them briefly before taking a seat at the table. Everyone quietly went back to eating their breakfast. Jestro looked at what was being served this morning. Today it was porridge. He rarely came down for breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner. But a little voice in his head said he should this time. He looked at Flama; who was sitting on the left side of the table next to Moltor and Book Keeper.

"Did you make the porridge, Flama?" The jester asked; making the flame creature freeze.

Flama took his spoon out of his mouth.

"...Yes." He answered; thinking maybe he should have made something else.

Jestro just shrugged and grabbed a bowl of porridge for himself. Lavaria was sitting next to him and leaned over; watching as he poured a large amount of honey into his porridge.

"Feeling better, Jestro?" She asked.

"A little." Jestro answered before he started eating.

Jestro took a mouthful of porridge as he looked at the individuals sitting at the table. Just about everyone was here. Except for one.

"So, where's the knight?" He asked after swallowing his food.

"He already had his breakfast; he's in the courtyard." Magmar answered back.

"He's outside?" The jester asked.

"Don't worry; he's not escaping again." Whiparella reassured.

"He's just doing some knight training or something." Moltor spoke before taking a mouthful of his breakfast.

Jestro looked out the doorway; mentally reminding himself to do something after he finished his porridge. When he finished his breakfast, he excused himself from the table and left the room. When he was gone, beast master started talking.

"He never comes down for food." He reminded.

"He did just now." Burnzie pointed out.

Lavaria paid no mind as everyone started discussing the occurrence. She just smiled to herself as she thought that maybe, just maybe that Clay was starting to make a good influence on Jestro.

Jestro made his way to the courtyard at the back of the castle; picking a jacket on a coatrack on his way. He looked out the doorway to see Clay at a distance. The knight was wearing a jacket for the snow outside. He was holding his sword in his hand; practicing some sword play. As Jestro walked out, he could hear Clay saying something to himself.

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