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Ch. 8

Just Friends


Could it be? Hate to disappoint you, Beliebers, but it looks like your favorite heartthrob just might be a heartbreaker, too. 16-year-old Justin Bieber was spotted late last night in a hotel hallway with his arms wrapped tightly around what could possibly be the new #1 girl in his life. The girl is identified to have been 16-year-old Allie McHenry, who is a backup dancer for Jasmine Villegas, one of the opening acts for Bieber's My World Tour. Bieber and McHenry were in the midst of a deep conversation before they were photographed getting rather up-close-and-personal, the photos for which can be viewed below. Does this mean what we think it means? Does the biggest teenage phenomenon in the world no longer have that coveted 'single' status? All we can say is to look out and get prepared, McHenry. Your boyfriend's fans are most definitely not gonna like this - or you.

Star! Magazine

Allie stared at the page in shock for a moment, her eyes wide and her mouth dropped open slightly.

She had wandered into the arena fifteen minutes earlier for a scheduled mid-morning rehearsal, and as she had waited for the others to arrive, she'd poured herself a cup of coffee at the crafts table. As crew members had bustled about preparing for the show that would take place that evening, Allie had casually made her way to a small lounge area that was backstage. Taking a seat, she had picked up a glossy gossip magazine that had been lying on a table next to the chair she was sitting in. She had begun to page through it absentmindedly while occasionally taking a sip of her coffee. After a few moments, however, she came across a page littered with pictures of Justin and - her. She immediately spit out her coffee.

"What?!" She had shrieked, before quickly adjusting the magazine and scanning the article.

As she continued to stare in disbelief at the page, her heart began racing and slight panic began to overtake her.

'Oh my God,' She thought, completely and utterly stunned.

Whipping out her phone, she was about to send a text to Justin to see if he had seen the article yet, when she was suddenly distracted by the arrival of Jasmine, who came flying down the hall at top speed.

"Is it true?!" She shrieked, stopping in front of Allie and staring at her with an overly excited facial expression.

Meaghan and Kristen suddenly came into view too, sprinting towards them.

Allie held up the article. "This?" She asked, her voice shaking slightly.

Jasmine nodded eagerly.

"No, it's not true!" Allie replied adamantly, staring at Jasmine with disbelief. "You know how I feel about him!"

"Well, what were you two doing in that hallway, then? That's definitely you in the pictures." Meaghan gasped, out of breath and clutching a stitch in her side.

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