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Pen Your Pride


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Larissa wakes up alone, by herself in the bushes, in the park

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Larissa wakes up alone, by herself in the bushes, in the park...

She feels ripped apart, thrown up, put down.


She stares at her hands and legs for a while, wishing they would move again. Then, once they do, she just wants to go home really bad.

But it takes hours to crawl across the wide suburban streets, even though she lives only a short distance away.

No one sees her dragging her body through grass and gravel, pausing for breath along the way.

No one ever sees anything that happens outside in Greenhaven. Everyone is either at school or at work or hidden away inside their rooms forever.

No one would understand why it hurts so much for Larissa to have let herself down like this...

An eternity later, just past the front door, she uses her last remaining strength to crawl into a cold bed.

She never wants to wake up.

But Col. Baldwin isn't quite done with her just yet...

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