A Conversation.

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I stare at (Y/N), who stared right back at me.
"Nope, I'm hallucinating, this is not possible!" (Y/N) muttered, looking away.
"It's real, no matter what you think." I said, not moving.
"Nope. Just a hallucination...."
I sighed, getting up from the bed, and she pulled back. "What are you doing?"
I smirked. "Why should you care? I'm just a hallucination."
"Point taken."
I sit down closer to her, and she tenses up, staring warily at me. "Why me?"
"Why, out of most people, did you choose to terrorize me? I don't even know that much about Mark's channel or fandom or anything!"
I grinned, which made her scoot back.
"Then that means you don't know all that I can do..." She stared at me, terror surrounding her.

~Your POV~
What did he mean, by 'all that I can do'? All I knew was I might die.
'At least you'll be killed by a hunk-'
I heard a snap, and looked up to see him trying to get my attention. Once he did, he smirked, and muttered, "So you think I'm a hunk, huh?"
My face heated up, and I wanted to disappear. 'He read my mind?!? The hell?!'
"Yes, I did, but because I marked you, it's a whole lot easier."
'Well then, how about this, how are you real?'
"That's easy. Belief, and a bit of demonic magic."
'You mean satanic magic?!"
He rolled his eyes. "It's not that bad as people put it out to be."
'Sacrificing animals and sometimes children? Yeah, that's not bad at ALL.'
"Don't sass me, I have more control here."
'Yeah, what control?'
"This, in fact." Suddenly, a burning pain laced through my hand, traveling up my arm. I let out a silent scream, and hold my arm. I look back up at his face, which was now very serious and pissed off. I glare at him, while tears spill from my eyes. Then the pain stopped immediately, and I cautiously move my arm up and down. Nothing.
I stare at him with newfound fear. If he could do just that without touching me, then what else is he capable of?

~'Ello, Wilford here. The author Trin is trying to put out chapters every day, or every other day. She is right now-
Wait. Oh, here she is.
Hai guys, and as Wilford said for me, I am trying to get chapters out. But my brain juice is deciding to fail. So, I'll keep trying. Bye y'all!~
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