Hot - Sebastian Vettel

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I barely slept during this week and it was such a relief when I reminded that it was finally Saturday and that Friday was very very good to me.
Seb arrived on Wednesday, but he had things to take care in Switzerland so he had to leave me. Well ofc it was painful, we never have a lot of time together, but when we do, we enjoy it to the Maximum. And that's what we did yesterday.

Here I am, laying in our bed by myself, spreading my legs and arms all over the place, stretching me like I was in the olympics. But with the animal Seb is what else you were expecting! I slightly closed my eyes with a stupid smirk in my face when I reminded how good it felt to be with my man, and how GOOD he is in everything he does. I still feel his lips all over my body, his grip, his gentle choke, and Jesus, how can he be so good? I giggled at myself shaking my head. I'm so needy.

When I paid more attention, I heard a song coming from a part of the house, and I knew it was him. So I ran to the bathroom, brushed my teeth while looking at the bruises and hickeys spread around my belly, my neck, my waist, my thighs... they were everywhere and that only made me smile like the idiot I am because God, I'm so in love with that man, absolutely everything about him makes me hot, I just want to drive him into any corner and kiss him with his hands in my pocket just because he can, cause he makes me feel so loved, so amazing, fabulous, beautiful...

You're beautiful, and only mine

His words echoed in my mind, making me smile.
Why am I smiling? I'm in love!

I wear his white shirt, leaving the first buttons open. While I go downstairs, I feel so tired, my legs hurt so bad, and the reason why I'm like this make me blush. Cutie for some, Daddy for Mom. Oh and I'm the Mom!

And there he was. I lean against the wall in silence just to observe the beautiful show that my boyfriend is. It has to be admitted that besides being beautiful and romantic, he is very delicious and hot.

Pull up was his favourite exercise and I'm not going to lie, I love just randomly watch him going up and down in his pull up bar. His knuckles were already white for grabbing the bar with a grip slightly wider, and it was like I was feeling him im some part of my body. He was Hanging all the way down, then he Pulls himself up until his chin is above the bar. He Slightly pauses lowering himself all the way back down. Again he goes up, really concentrated on isolating his back and biceps. And boy, how hot he was doing it. His muscles slowly contracted and relaxed, in fact it wasn't only his muscles. All of this was reflecting in a part of my body and it was so strange how much control he has over me, without not even knowing, or seeing me.

Sebastian looks beautiful anyway, but sweaty, tired and shirtless boy, he looks deliciously hypnotising. He finally sees me, his gorgeous blond hair is now glued to his forehead, because of the sweat and his breath breaking when he finally turns to pick up his towel. I couldn't avoid his well defined now sweaty abs going down his V-lines... The paradise path...
His sensual and enigmatic smile made me blush. He looked me up and down analyzing his shirt on my body, and I noticed his blue eyes turning into a very, very dark blue which made me squeeze my thighs .... Sebastian, son of a bitch

"Good Morning! You like the view?" He asked removing the towel from his neck.

"Always!" I chuckle when he gets down to do his push ups. "Good morning!"

I couldn't avoid to look at his delicious German booty.
His back seemed to have been drawn so perfectly and sensuously.
He begins his exercise with a flexion of the elbow until the chest reaches two toes and returns to the initial position with the extension of the arm, keeping the trunk firm, without leaving the hip to fall. It was so addictive and mesmerizing to watch him. I didn't get closer to him because I don't like to interrupt him, but I wanted him so bad.. it was only 8h in the morning.
He stretches his body once more, and take another towel to clean his sweaty body. That was like strip teasing to me definitely. He knew I already saw how many marks he left on my body, and his smile said it all. I didn't say a word and he knew that somehow I was mad at him...

"So..." he starts hanging the towel around his neck. "Good morning Liebe, how did you sleep?" He asks closing the gap between us.. finally. I gasped with his grip, I'll never get used to his intensity, never.

"Pretty Good, and you?"

"Perfectly Good!" He smiled and finally kissed me. His lips were so so soft, and his kiss was so deep yet so romantic. His grip, was another level. He suddenly carried me making me wrap my legs around his waist as he walked to the kitchen counter, where he sat me and stood between my legs.

"Tell me what you want to do today!" He kisses my neck and looks at me with his arms wrapped around my waist.

"I don't know." I say biting his lips making him giggle.

"You've been very horny lately, don't you?"

"I don't see you for weeks, how you want me to react? And besides that you make me horny. You're too hot" He chuckle making me blush.

"You Make me hot. But God you're so beautiful honey. "

"And you look like you could bench press me into next week!" Sebastian blue eyes are darker and wider now.

"Okay that's sexual harassment Liebe!" He chuckles and get away from me.

"Where are you going?" I ask and he side smiles.

"No where! I just need to feed you or you'll eat me alive."

"That's not a bad idea!" I chuckle and he shakes his head smiling. He paced back and forth taking all the ingredients and leaving them near the counter where I was. He finally started mixing everything and I got off the counter to hug him from behind giving kisses on his beautiful back. "Why can't I stop the time so you stay with me like this forever?" I ask slightly feeling bad.

"Well, first because we would get cramp from standing so long." I playfully slapped him making him giggle. "I'm just kidding."

"I miss you so much everyday." I answer hugging him tightly.

"Its funny how dirty things you can say in a moment and then suddenly you're so romantic." He laughed making me slap him again.


"Ouch! I'm sorry okay, I was kidding." He laughed. "I miss you much more Liebe.. you can't imagine how much I wish you could be everywhere by my side." He says sincere and kisses my forehead.

"That's what I want the most."

"You sure?" He asked making me frown.

"Of course I am. I Love you so much, I just want to be with you."

"Marry me then!"

"What?" He smiles. "What are you saying?"

"We're both ready, Aren't we? Then why not? Marry me!" He says sincere and serious. He wasn't joking and It made me feel butterflies in my stomach. "Don't you love me?"

"Yes I do but.."

"Don't you want to be with me? Don't you want to be my wife?"

"I do, of course I do."

"Then would you marry me my Liebe?" His eyes are so loving. That blue is so deep I could just swim there.

"I do. I do Seb!" I answer while he cupped my cheeks and involved us into a very deep and slow kiss. It was so passionate, yet so real and unique. WORLDDD!!!! He just PURPOSED!

"I can't wait to call you Mrs. Vettel and have our little kids running around the house." He pecks me.

"I Love You Seb!"

"Wait, the ring! Shit this wasn't prepared so I didn't brought a ring!"

"Seb, is alright..."

"No is not! You're my princess!" He touched his neck where his lucky and favourite necklace was hanging. He loved that accessory and he never took off because it was a very special present from his grandparents. He smiled looking at the piece and just turns me around to put it. I wanted to cry, he was so damn romantic. "This one looks better until tomorrow. Today we're celebrating our engagement so no one here is leaving this house." He said making me giggle.

"Thank you for being so good with me, I love you!!"

"Thank you for completing me... Ich Liebe Dich!" He says again closing the gap between us...

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