Chapter 9- A Shot Too Close

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Sanaya's P.O.V:

I took my appointment letter and my file with me and placed it on my desk. Since this was Lancelin Eustis, I was pretty sure that he would be back before sundown and barking orders till midnight. I was already looking for an apartment around town where I could stay so I didn't have to spend hours on travel every day. So far I've had no luck and the offers I've got so far are far too expensive. I'm hoping there will be some place I can stay that won't suck me dry.

"Let's go, Ms. Johnson. We're getting late." Lancelin said from in front of the elevator.

I picked up my bag and dashed after him, reaching just in time for the elevator door to ding open. We entered together and as soon as the doors shut, I felt engulfed in Lancelin's aura. I'd generally avoided staying near Lancelin for too long since it feels suffocating after a while. He's one of those people who emit power from every pore of their being and know perfectly well the effect they have on others. Lancelin uses it all the time to intimidate others, especially the staff. Fortunately for them, ever since I've arrived, no one has to have direct contact with Lancelin anymore. Benny, the cute guy in glasses from Legal, he said he used to have a mini heart attack every time he was called up to collect a file.

The elevator dinged open at the 6th floor and two men, I recognized them as Lyric and Daniel from the management department went to step into the elevator...looked up at Lancelin...retraced their steps. Th elevator door shut. I let out a breath I'd been holding since we stepped in. It felt difficult to breathe with him so close to me; his presence was like a physical caress. I sneaked a peek up at his face and found him deep in thought, his face set in hard angles. I have a feeling he isn't too happy that Acelin asked me to join a family lunch.

Finally, the elevator doors opened and we arrived at the ground floor. I finally took my first deep breath of air after staying inside the elevator for five minutes. The receptionist at the front desk, Mina, informed Lancelin that Martin was at the front door with his car, while I took the opportunity to cancel the two appointments we had this afternoon. Lancelin turned to motion for me to follow him as I hung up the phone.

It was as soon as we stepped out the front door that all Hell broke loose. In front of me, Lancelin froze suddenly, causing me to almost bump into me and then two shots were fired next to us, causing the glass doors behind us to shatter and screams fill the air as everyone tried to run for cover.

"Get inside, now!" Lancelin roared out, shielding me with his body. I realized too late that I'd frozen on the spot, unable to move or scream; my body was shivering badly.

"Sanaya!" Lancelin yelled again, closer to me and shoved me inside the door just as a third shot rang out.

I fell back inside the door, the automatic glass now in a million pieces around me. I felt them glass prick at my leg but before I could concentrate on my cuts, my eyes fell on Lancelin and everything else around me just vanished.

Lancelin stood by the entrance in a protective stance, but his shoulders were hunched and one of his arms was around his middle. It took me a while to realize that there was blood dripping from his fingers and the white jacket he was wearing was slowly turning red.

"Sanaya! Are you alright?" At first I didn't recognize the voice that was calling me, until I looked up at Lyric and Mina standing beside me and pulling me up from the glass shattered floor. But as soon as they pulled me up, I was running towards Lancelin, just in time to catch him as he collapsed on the floor.

"Lancelin! Lancelin, stay with me!" I called out to him but he didn't seem to hear me. He clutched his middle with his left arm as tried to use his right to shift his weight and stand up again.

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