Chapter 35

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Gríma is thrown out of the hall & rolls down the stairs. He looks up as King Théoden descends, followed by Gandalf.

Gríma: "Argh! I've only ever served you my lord."

Théoden: "Your leechcraft would have had me crawling on all fours like a beast!"

Gríma: "Send me not from your side!"

Approaching the cowering man, Théoden raises his sword to kill. Aragorn takes the King's arm, stopping him. Théoden looks to Aragorn.

Aragorn: "No my lord! No my lord. Let him go. Enough blood has been spilt on his account.""

Turning to Gríma, Aragorn holds out his hand to the man. Spitting on Aragorn's hand, Gríma runs off into the crowd.

Gríma: "Get out of my way!"

Turning to face Théoden, Aragorn kneels before the King of Rohan.

Aragorn: "Hail, Théoden, King!"

The crowd follows Aragorn, kneeling. Théoden's eyes travel over the people before him.

Théoden: "Where is Théodred? Where is my son?"


Miyuki sits on at the edge of the raised stone platform on which the Golden Hall stood. Raiden was not with her for he had gone hunting. Looking down she can see the Rohirrim gathered for their Prince's funeral. Strains of sorrowful song drift to her ears on the wind.

Bealocwealm hafað fréone frecan forth onsended, giedd sculon singan gléomenn sorgiende, on Meduselde þæt he ma no wære, Þæt he ma nowere is, þurh niedig rest. And mægen deorost. Bealo...

Raising her head, she looks in the direction of Isenguard. The dwelling of Saruman the White, head of the Istari, now servant of the Dark Lord. Though she truly had no intention of joining Sauron, what Saruman had said was true. Her will did not matter. When the darkness took over, she would be drawn to the Dark Lord, to his power. She could not avoid it.

Legolas: "Miyuki. So you were here."

Not seeing Miyuki at the funeral, Legolas had gone searching for her, concerned. When she had entered the Golden Hall something had felt different about her, about the power she wielded. It had felt darker, more menacing & somehow, almost...evil. Standing, Miyuki turns to elf. She smiles, her usual gentle smile.

Miyuki: "Did you need something, Legolas?"

Legolas: "I just...I mean...are you alright? After that."

Miyuki: "That? Oh, you mean Saruman. I'm fine. He shouldn't make another move anytime soon. Now that he knows what I can do."

Legolas: "I don't mean Saruman."

The smile disappears from Miyuki's face. He was asking about the pull. The temptation she felt. It was growing stronger. As they drew ever closer to Mordor, the faster the dragon's darkness progressed. She moves to stand in front of Legolas.

Miyuki: "Show me the crystal."

Reaching under his tunic, the elf draws out the crystal. It lay in his palm, no longer clear but more than half black. Miyuki had thought that this had happened. She had felt the change in her own magic, the gradual shift from light to dark. She places her hand over Legolas'. They look at each other, green eyes into blue.

Miyuki: "The time draws near. Do not forget your promise to me."

Legolas: "And do not forget mine to you."

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