Let's Talk

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Tara's POV

I sat in my tree for what felt like hours. For awhile I was drawing then I heard a knock. I looked over and saw it was Justin. I looked back at my drawing trying not to pay attention to him. 

J: "Hey, can we talk?"

T: "About what?"

J: "Stuff"
T: "I guess?"

Justin then walked in and sat down next to me while I was drawing. I scooted away from him and gave him the 'what the fuck do you think your doing?' face. Justin sighed heavily and we stayed quite for awhile. 

 J: "Your a really god drawer."

I looked at him and then looked back at my drawing.

J: "So ummm how have you been?"

I looked up at him and sighed. 

T: "Honestly?"

J: "Yes?"

T: "Life is okay, I was happy, but then sad, I'm like bi polar."

J:"Oh, can I ask you something?"

T: "Why not?" I said with a attuide

J: "Do you hate me?"

T: "That wasn't even a question."

J: "Yes it was."

T: "I don't like you, I want nothing to do with."

J: "Ouch that hurt."

T: "Yeah get use to it."

J: "You know I really am sorry, I knew what I did was wrong and I-"

T: "Then why did you do it?"

J: "I can't even answer that myself."

T: "Haha lies." I said getting up.

J: "I know what she told you. And that all a lie, the last words you where suppose to say to me was 'I love you'."

T: "You know Justin things change that was 9 years ago. I've grown up!"

J: "I know and I love who you turned out to be."

T: "Just shut up, go away."

J: "Don't talk to me like that!"

T: "Why not!?"

J: "Because I am you're father!"

T: "No you're not, you re just some asshole of the street who sags his pants and doesn't know enough to wear a belt, you don't know how to love anyone. You don't know how to take care of anyone, you are just a selfish prick!"

I then ran out of the tree house. 

J: "Well your going to have to live with me, I got you back!"

I stooped running and looked up.

T: "What?"

J: "You're coming to live with me."

T: "Fuck you, You will never be my father, I will never love you!" I then ran inside and went to my room. 

Justin's POV

God I really screwed up with Tara. Why was I so dumb that night? I wish she would understand that I do love her and I care for her. She just thinks everything she has been told about me is true, but if she got to know me she would understand. 


I won't be updating anything anymore. I'm sorry. But I'll keep the stories up. 

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