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I hid around the corner as the storm picked up. The winds blew my hair every which way, making it difficult to see the scene ahead of me - though, I wasn't sure I'd want to anyway. My father stood confidently in the middle of the room.

"What do you want? Show yourself!" He bellowed, searching the storm through our wrecked roof. He held a weapon steady in the air, one I didn't recognize from any of his trainings with me. With a shiny, thin silver blade and an ornate, jet black handle, it was beautiful and terrifying.

All at once, I heard the whoosh of wind and the high pitched cackle of the demon. Daeva appeared in all her glory, silver hair wild, black dress and cape flapping in the magic wind. As her toes touched the stone floor, lightning flashed and thunder boomed. An image flashed through my mind, one that I never wanted to see again. One in which my father...

"I want you dead," Daeva replied, giggling. "Where is Beckham?"

My father shook his head, his wet hair falling in his eyes just like mine. "You will never take my son!" He yelled, swinging the blade at her.

I felt compelled to run out, to distract Daeva. If it's me she wants, why is she going after my father? However, my father's words from earlier echoed in my mind. 'Run, far away,' he'd said, 'Even if I don't make it back to you, find Laelyn. Make sure you'll be safe.'

"Wrong answer," Daeva shrilled, raising her hand as she dodged the sword. Lightning shot out from her palm, hitting Father with such a force that he fell back. The vision flashed again through my mind, becoming more and more similar to real life. Father laid motionless on the floor.

Tears mixed with the raindrops on my face until I couldn't see at all. I turned my back and ran, as fast as I could, to who knew where. This is your fault, a voice yelled in my head. You saw it, you knew it would happen, and you did nothing. Blinking back more tears, I kept running.

'Find Laelyn. Make sure you'll be safe.'

  At least an hour later, I stood in front of the large doors to Simon J. Bernard High School, with all the documents my father had given me in my arms. I walked through the door, my head down. This is it, I thought. This is where I'll find Laelyn.  

Author's Note!

For most of you, this will be your first chapter, but for you guys who have been with this story from the beginning, this is all new to you! So... Well actually, this is new to all of you XD Geez I'm bad at this. Anyways, this book is like my little baby and I'm so excited for y'all to read it! 

I thought this prologue was important to add, since it'll be in the version I'm attempting to publish and it's kinda interesting lol 

Love you guys!


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