One Shot

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Imagine Taehyung comes home from he kisses your forehead.
"How are you today" he asks, concern playing along his face as he checks your temperature.
"I'm fine just a bit cold" you reply, pulling the sheets up to your chin. He tucks in the sides slightly before stroking your cheek tenderly.
"I'll make you something to eat" he leaves the room and you are left to relax despite having a fever. Taehyung always looked after you like this, his heart was bigger than you could imagine. Everyday you appreciate him taking the time from his schedules to help you around the house. You got up from the bed and peeked out of the door to the kitchen. His slender hands prepared the food with care and you couldn't help but laugh seeing his serious expression 
He looked back to you and laughed
"What are you peeking at?"
"Just you. I want to see you more everyday"
For a moment his expression froze and there was a sadness cast over his eyes. You wanted to pretend not to notice as he resumed smiling and prepping your dinner.
"I love you" you said, trailing off as your vision turned blurry. The fever had begun burn up and you felt dizzy. In a second of faintness you fell to the floor grasping at the bed to catch yourself. Taehyung heard the loud thud as you landed and ran in to your side.
"Yah, Y/N, can you hear me?"
You moaned in response as he picked your up and placed you back in the bed. His embrace was warm, his cologne filled your head with the best memories of your time together.
"Don't get out of bed okay" he whispered into your ear. He kissed your cheek, his lips lingering longer than usual. Before he had finished preparing the food you had fallen asleep so he placed it all in the refrigerator and left, needing to go to an event with his members.

You dreamt of Taehyungs smile, his broad shoulders that shrunk as he held you tenderly. You relived your dates by the sea, he had chased you down the beach with a crab. He was always smiling, and always looking at you, only you. You reached out an invisible hand to touch the warmth of his face but you couldn't reach him. You felt like running into his arms, apologising but no matter how hard you ran he disappeared. You wanted to see him smile but everything was black.

Taehyung came back after his extra work to check on you. He kissed your forehead like always, however he felt something was off. He leant his eyes widening after a moment.
"Y/N!" He called, grabbing your hand he slapped it a few times, a panic rising in his voice. You wouldn't wake up, no mater how he called. He wrapped his arms around your body and held you in his lap. Through tears and choked words he called your name over and over.

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