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     While on exile, Arjuna decided to spend first few days on the banks of river Ganga Ghat

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While on exile, Arjuna decided to spend first few days on the banks of river Ganga Ghat. The daughter of the Nagas, Ulupi (who was living in the Ganga with her father, the king of snakes, Kouravya) use to see him daily and fell for him. It is said that one fine day, she dragged Arjuna inside the water, to her private chamber and asked him to make love, to which, Arjuna declined.

However, Ulupi convinced Arjuna with her arguments and they spent the night together. Arjun made her his wife and Iravan was born.

As per some versions, Ulupi abducted Arjuna after he had been intoxicated with potent concoctions and had him conveyed to her realm in the netherworld. There, Ulupi induced an unwilling Arjuna to take her for a wife.

She had a son named Iravan with him.

Eventhough Arjun didn't love Uloupi,she was madly in love with him.Further Arjun left Ulupi and continued his journey to Manipur and married Chitrangada princess of Manipur.

After Arjuna left, the Kingdom of Manipur had another visitor - Uloopi. Uloopi told Chitrangada all about herself. Chitrangada realizing that Uloopi was also Arjuna's wife, welcomed Uloopi. Both of them lived like sisters. Uloopi loved Bhubhruvahan like her own son. She encouraged Bhuvbhruvahan to learn archery and become a great archer like his father Arjuna. She was also able to restore Arjuna to life after he was slain in battle by Babruvahana.

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