A Thousand Splendid Suns

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The days she missed
Where then, the days she hated
The truths of her mother
Never suited her father
And her father's lies
She thought, sounded much better
But what she didn't know then
Was, it was going to get bitter
Her mother dead
For she had gone to her father
The one who didn't even bother
To welcome his own daughter
Then he sent her off to be wedded
And then taken to a stranger's house, her husband's
But that was all he was, a husband
Wedlock was all there was
No love in between
The girl just fifteen
Had no choice but to live
Her nineteenth birthday, just a by passer
Followed by sufferings, pain and torture
Bomb attacks bring home his second wife
She seemed to bring back love in his life
But that was that after their first child
And the young girl's life was like the one before
The now thirty five year olds'
Days of hatred passed
And a friendship, in their history marked
And then an idea grown in the mother
While the older one follows her planner
And run away is what they try to do
But instead become victims together
Of their terrible husband's anger
And then another session of torture
And we can hear it in their voice now
The anger and resentment they had buried down
Those things they wished they could say then
Had surface and was hotter than the sun
And then their anger towards their husband
Brought their husband towards his end
And then the older one, according to the law, the killer
Has her life ended by a rope
What she did was for self defence
But she was marked murderer by the law
While the now forty year old is buried
The young mother gets back her lover
And then they find that their happily ever after
Required the death of many other
And that's where our story ends
The story of a thousand splendid suns.

A/N: This is a summary of the book 'A thousand splendid suns' by Khalid Hosseini. Its a great book. If you haven't read it, then go read it now

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