chapter 2

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A/N This is a picture of Demitri😍 if perfect had a face this would be it for me 😉

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"Sick? What do you mean you're sick? How sick? Like a cold?" I don't know if I sounded more worried or annoyed. All this suspense for a cold?

"Do you remember when my mom died?" She asked not meeting my gaze

"Yes, I do. She died so suddenly... why?" My heart ached just thinking about that dreadful day.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and I was on my way to meet up with Anya and her mom for lunch after their shopping trip. I had facetimed with them before I left the office about a hour ago, they were having fun using Mr. Harrison's credit card. I was taking them to lunch at my favorite Italian restaurant, I had something important to ask Anya and I wanted her mother to be there. I got a table a rehearsed what I was going to say but after the 4th time I realized how late it was. Anya was never late, and today she was a hour late? Something was wrong. I pulled out my phone and dialed her number which I had committed to memory. All I heard when she answered was crying. Her crying.

"Anya? Anya, baby answer me please. What happened? Where are you?" My chest grew tighter and my thoughts raced

I tried to get answers out of her but I couldn't make out what she was saying. Suddenly I headed a male voice

"Hallo? Who is this?" This unfamiliar voice was deep and erringly calm.

"Who the fuck are you!? What have you done to my Anya?!"

"Sir, calm down. She is safe but now is not the time to talk. She'll call you back at some point"

"Wait! What -" and just like that he hung up on me. Anya was crying, distressed God knows where and this dick just hung up on me! My blood was boiling and her phone kept disconnecting. I was sure that prick was aborting my calls.

Another hour had passed before I got hold of Mr. Harrison. He told me that while they were shopping, Mrs. Harrison had suddenly collapsed. By the time prick got them to a hospital, she was gone... Anya had watched her mother die in front of her... when I reached the hospital 30 minutes later, my heart broke. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying she looked weak and exhausted. Her dad was talking to a doctor and some dude in a suit was holding her in his arms.

"Anya" I called out to her scared and heartbroken. She lifted her head and as soon as her eyes met mine she ran into my arms and started sobbing into my chest. I pressed her tightly against my chest hopping that just maybe, I could take the pain from her heart.

By the end of the week we were still not certain what caused her mother's sudden death. That prick was at the funeral to, as much as I hated him for keeping me from her during her time of need, I was thankful that he was there for her. I spent the next few months comforting her, talking to her and just hanging out. When she felt better she started hanging out with prick more and more, and less with me... they dated for a while... I guess my question had to wait.


"Huh? Sorry sunshine. What were you saying?" The sound of her voice brought me back to reality

"I've been going for regular checkups since mom died"

My heart just about stopped when she spoke. Why hadn't she told me? We told each other everything since we were 13 years old

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