03. where ashton gets flustered

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                               3rd Person
"Excuse me?" Bella was taken a back, he gave her goosebumps, in a good way. Diego tensed up too, which Luke noticed.

"Calum quit it." Luke said smiling my way and smacking his friend on the chest. "He was joking, I'm sorry, he's not very funny."

"Hi!" Bella hugged Luke and he lifted her slightly off the ground and she giggled. Diego clenched his fist a little bit then proceeded to firmly shake their hands, introducing himself.

"Hey there!"

"Helloooo." Calum hugged Bella with one arm around her waist and another around her shoulders. It was probably the most comfortable thing ever to her.

"You seem really happy, get laid or something?" Michael said while hugging her almost the same way as Calum but it wasn't as good.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Getting laid?" Michael chuckled and made a confused face. "It's when -"

"bjva-No! noooo!" Bella only heard mumbling as Diego covered her ears. "She doesn't need to know what that means."

"Oookay then. Geez sorry." Michael put his hands up. Bel pushed Diego's hands away and rolled her eyes.

"You can't keep her sheltered forever mate." Ashton raised an eyebrow at Diego.

"But I like a roof over my head." Bel grinned at Ashton's comment. The boys chuckled, Diego just smiled.

"That's not what I- oh alright." Ashton shook his head. Bella put her hand up to touch his jawline.

"I really like your fuzz." She was staring at him very concentrated and rubbing the stubble he had and then she smiled and went to go open the door.

He stood there for a while, turning slightly red.

"You shouldn't do that again, it changes Ashton into a vicious werewolf that likes to eat out- I mean eat little girls like you." Michael said chuckling.

Bella's eyes opened wide and she stepped a little further away from Ashton and he turned even redder and smacked Michael in the back of the head. Diego took her hand and shot a glare at Michael.

"Sorry." She looked down and went to Diego.

"What's your problem?" Diego glaring Michael for a second before she grabbed onto his arm and put a hand on his chest to calm him down.

"Relax, lets go inside!" Bella pulled her huge best friend behind her opening the tall wooden doors to let the boys in.

Michael was a bit in shock and stayed back a bit, his friends shook their head at him.

"What? It was a joke." He followed behind.

"Dude." Luke rolled his eyes at his friend.

"Have you guys had breakfast?" Bella asked and looked at them, avoiding eye contact with Ashton.

The idea suddenly popped in her head. Well, sort of, her tummy made a noise first.

"I make killer pancakes you guys have to try them." Diego said awkwardly skipping to the kitchen.

"Well we wouldn't want you to spoil us." Ashton spoke up following Bella into the kitchen.

"It's more like spoiling Diego, he loves getting complimented on his cooking." Bella giggled and Diego smacked her arm lightly.

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