And Then...

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Benson's POV

April 15, 2017

It's the day the bet ends, and

You know. Rake the leaves or something, I'm really going to miss Y/N.😞

I went to her apartment and I called her.

"Y/N?! Y/N!"

Somebody opened a door beside her and told me.

"Sir, the one who lived there already left. She's gone 10 minutes ago, I bet she's at the bus stop with her sister. Hurry, if you want to say goodbye and stuff."

"Thank you but I gotta run."

I went to my car and drove to a bus stop where I saw Y/N and Kaila.

I went out and went to Y/N.



"Yes! It's me! Why didn't you just."

I hugged her.

"Benson, my flight is in an hour, can you please let go?" Y/N uttered, coldly.

"I can't, yet."

I handed her a pen and a call card.

"Here, write me or text me, or email me, anything. Please."

"Okay, I will. Won't I?"

She kissed my cheeks.

"Can I just bring you to the airport?" I asked.

"Okay." She said, laughing at me.

"Okay." I just smiled 'cos I don't know why she's laughing at me.

I brought Y/N and Kaila to the airport, hoping these moments won't be the last, we started talking about a lot of things, what were our careers before, about Philippines. I like that country already. I just hope I'd get there for Y/N.

"Oh hey, were already here.." Kaila said.

"Can Y/N stay for a while?" I asked.


She rolled her eyes and went out to get her stuff out.

"Y/N, I hope your mom would get well soon."

"Don't worry, I'll write you."


"Why wouldnt I? I'll miss you."

I kissed her again..

And this time it went on for a few second and she got out.

"Uhm.. See ya."

"See ya'... I hope.."

Y/N and Kaila went inside the airport and I waited for them to fade away. I saw their plane fly away, and I went back to the park and when I got back to the park I wrote my first letter to Y/N

April 15, 2017

Dear Y/N,

I've seen you go, and I was sad you left. But I hope your mom will be okay soon. Somehow I instantly missed your voice, the whole you. For real, I want to see you again. Haha. It'll be cool if your mom is okay na. Well, thats all, I hope we could see each other again, or for you to read this at all.


I saw Mordecai at the staircase. He's kinda sad..

I don't know what's bothering him but I'm sure it has to do with Leni

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