Before I Say Goodbye

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Your POV

April 14, 2017

"It's about Benson Dunwoody."

"What about him?" You asked.

You let Kaila inside your apartment and at your couch.

"It's just. I know he just had you to hang with. After this, he will be back with Mordecai.

And.. Janine called, our mom got in an accident and she's in a coma, and we gotta go back there..

Were going back to Philippines tomorrow! We gotta go back sis!"

"Soon?" you asked, sadly.

"Yeah. So we gotta leave here tomorrow." Your sister uttered.

"What?!" You were surprised.

"Yes. Tomorrow. Were packing up. C'mon."


So there you packed up with Kaila. But what would be you and Benson?

Why did your mom got..

You were still confused, surprised and everything, you thought of a little diversion.

So while Kaila was checking on her stuff, you sneaked out and went to the park.

Benson saw you again.

"Hey Y/N!" He smiled at you.

"Heyy. Benson"

"You seemed like you had been running, what happened?"

"I sneaked out and, I have to go tomorrow. I'm going back to Philippines this April 16. My mom got in an accident and I have to go."

"Uhm. I'm sorry about her. In the meanwhile. Can we still hang out?"

"Sure. But. My mom. But I needed a diversion for today."

"Wouldn't Kaila tell that you're a double-crosser?"

"Nah. I placed a clone."

He knew you were just kidding because of what you chirped.

"So we're hanging out now?"



You threw a high-five but you missed.

"Too slow!"

You and Benson laughed.

'Maybe that would cover up the pain for a while', you thought to yourself.

You and Benson were hanging out for a while. You went to the usual places you went. But that night, was the last night you had with him

You and Benson stayed in the car and he asked you.

"I know you know that I was with Mordecai before, right?"

"Yes. And even though you and him were together, well, it was fine. Until this week."


"I... I. I dont wanna talk about it."

"Fine. I like you okay." He confessed.

"Whaaa whaat?"

"I'm planning to break up with him for real. I was jealous of Leni before but, now.. Things just.. Changed. It's funny how things change. Like from the day you gave me fries, it was just, so fast. And, so did Mordenson"

"Deep But. I gotta go I have to go back and I'm sorry."

"It's okay. I'll stay the same."

You suddenly received a text from Kaila.

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