Marriage, In Name Only? part five

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Marriage, In Name Only?

Part five

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The next morning when I woke up. Carla was laying on my chest again. I kind of liked to wake up to this. My arm was still around her waist and her arm was on my stomach. I took a deep breath and her hand shifted. I quickly grabbed her hand so it didn't get to close to my erection. Placing it over to her side as I shifted to move out of bed.

" Mmm." She moaned.

" SH."

" Don't go, not yet."

" Ok." I laid back down next to her. She placed her arm back on my stomach.

" Thanks."

" For what?" I asked holding her against me.

" Not leaving me."

" No, Not yet anyway. But we do have company so we'll have to get up soon."

" I know. I just wanted to stay here with you for a few more minutes."

" Me too. Are you ready for today?"

" Yes. I am looking forward to it actually. Will you parents like me do you think?"

" Yes. They will love you so don't worry about it."

" OK. I guess we better get up then. We both have a long day ahead of us." She said.

" True. Are you going to want to do this. I don't want to force you, you know?"

" I know. But I trust you. And I like you." She looked up at me. I leaned in slowly to kiss her.

" I like you to, Carla." She leaned into my kiss. It was a small kiss but good for us.

" I like to kiss you. It's nice." She says turning red.

" I like kissing you too! But time to get up."

" I know I usually get up when you do."

" Really?" I thought she was still asleep when I left her in the mornings.

" Yeah, I pretend to be asleep when you get up. Didn't you ever wonder why I was always up when you got back from your run."

" No. I never thought about it really. I just thought you got up at that time."

" Not really. But I like to get up this early now."

" Well I better go." I pulled on a shirt since I slept in shorts and put on my running shoes.

" Ok. I'll have breakfast ready for you when you get back."

" See you in a few." I walked out into the living room.

" Hey bro. I see your up early." I said to Steve.

" Yea, I figured I'd run with you."

" Let's go."

Steve and Mark left the house. And I went into the kitchen to start some coffee. After it was done I sat at the table looking out the window thinking. I was really going to get married today. It was a weird feeling. I was excited yet scared. Maybe in time I could..

" Good morning." Faith said behind me. I jumped.

" Morning. Would you like some coffee?" She startled me.

" I'll get it. Thanks. Are they both gone?"

" Yes. They took off a little while ago. So Steve runs also?"

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