Chapter 11-Lucky Me

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   "How dare you just walk away from the institute when we are in enough danger. Can you comprehend how much danger you put yourself into?" Mayrse Lightwood scowled at me. I was in my own world, dazing into what could have happened to me if Alec would have just left me. Mayrse does not fail to give the world's strictest and most time consuming lecture in history.

   "I wasn't with anyone dangerous to me. Plus, I would've known if I was in danger. It doesn't take long to notice if Magnus was planning to sacrifice me to Valentine." Mayrse gave me the 'are-you-being-serious' look.

   "Are you sure you would've known? Really (Y/N), why can't you be more cautious with your actions. You're home is here for the time being. There is no one safer than this Institute. With that being said, go to your room, you are to begin training tomorrow and you will be supervised since you think this locus is just a place to walk in and out of. You are not here to be foolish and play around, you are here to be trained to be who you are: a Shadowhunter." My eyes rose. I'm going to be supervised now? Are you serious? It feels like I'm grounded, nowhere to go anymore, I am to be trapped in this place until someone decides to be my knight in shinning armor and save me.

   I know being a Shadowhunter is a good thing, but I don't want to get killed by this life. My first day here I read about how demon bites can be lethal to Shadowhunters and our main objective is to kill demons and save mundanes.

   Nevertheless, I walked out of Mayrse's room, and started off to my room. That is, until I heard a particular conversation.

   "He said he could take anyone of us and he would have no romorse if he had to kill one of us. Do you have any idea how dangerous it is to start training her now? It's pointless we should take her to Idris, at least she can't run off to nowhere and she can be more secure and safe than here." Alec's voice spoke.

   "You're always so caring and looking out for people Alec. But she isn't a kid, she seems strong enough to at least know and learn to handle herself. She may be new here, but she understands what we expect of her. When Jace was her age he was already out doing his duty as a Shadowhunter." Isabelle Lightwood spoke back to her brother.

   "I don't need a little girl to get in the way of anything. She needs to prove she can stay her and be loyal, faithful and prove herself to us." I started to back away. If they didn't think I would be of significantance to them than why did they bother to take me back here. "Besides," Alec's voice sounded fainted to my ears but I decided to hear the last words he had to say about me, "everyday Valentine comes closer to us. He could be up our noses at any point in time. She wouldn't know how to tell people from the Institute apart from the people who serve him. She's oblivious to everything."

   "If Valentine chooses to reach out to her, then she must have more importance than any of us do. Maybe not more than Clary, but she could be useful."

   I turned around and walked faster than normally to not draw attention to myself. Alec is completely right. How would I tell Valentine apart from anyone at the Institute? Valentine is pure evil meanwhile everyone here are strict and harsh.

   Closing the door I examined my room. It looked pretty messy, more messy than I would ever leave it. My bed's sheets were yanked back, my closet was open and some clothes fell out, my drawers open, and my desk was all disorientated. It looked like a mix of someone trying to actually mess with my room and tying to look for something. However, upon reorganizating my desk, a note was folded perfectly symmetrical on top:

   You don't know me but I know you. I know you have the answer to my solution. You could prove some importance to me. Watch your back weakling. -V

   My heart dropped. This couldn't have been more of a coincidence of what Alec assumed. This had to be a prank, Valentine couldn't have snuck into the Institute so fast. The situation couldn't have made me more sketched out in my life.

   I folded the note back and stuck it into my pocket to give to Mayrse. Even though after she reads this, I'll be even more under watch, it could prove some loyalty to her.

   Walking through the Institute's lobby kind of area, the elevator door open and out came Magnus Bane. The first place his eyes landed on were mine. Confusion filled me, downworlders weren't allowed in the Institute unless it was important.

   "Why are you here, Warlock?" One Shadowhunter scowled at Magnus.

   Instead Magnus made his way to me. "(Y/N), we need to talk with Mayrse right now. It involves you."

   My heart dropped even more.

   "And what do you need to speak to me for Magnus Bane?" Mayrse questioned annoyed yet curious.

   "It's Valentine. He wants a specific Shadowhunter to take for the cup and I don't think he'll stop until he gets what he wants." His eyes darted to me.

   Of course, it just had to me. Not Alec, not Isabelle, not Clary. Just little vulnerable me.

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