Chapter 5

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Tyler's P.O.V

I was at my locker before classing going to get my math books. I saw Nogla running down the hallway but he didn't see me. He was probably running late and I didn't bother to stop him, I didn't want him late or Me to be late. I walked into my class to see Vanoss sitting in the corner and I had sat down right next to him.He looked kinda nervous about something, he didn't even see me sit down.
Finally I spoke
"Hey Evan" He looked over at me
"Oh hey, I didn't notice you there" he gave a small chuckle
"Are you alright? You look nervous."
"Hm? Oh yeah I kinda am..." He said still looking at me. "Okay promise not to tell anyone but..." He went into a pause. "Meet me on the back courts during lunch so I can tell you, there's to many kids here"
I was kinda confused but if he didn't feel comfortable there I was fine "alright then" I replied and looked down at my work sheet "SEMESTER REVIEW"
Oh yeah I forgot that our mid-terms were coming...
Great Even more things to study!
I got straight to filling in the work so I could pass the exam. I was failing math and really needed to pass.

~time skip~

It was finally the lunch period and I went to the back courts Just like Vanoss said.
I see him under the bleachers at the football field. All the courts were separated. The closest field to the school was the football, farthest being Volleyball.
"So what did you want to tell me?" I asked when I finally reached Vanoss.
"I was going to tell you that I was gay and that I have a crush on" he paused and whispered "delirious"
I never expected Him to be gay.
"You're gay?"
He just nodded
"Please don't tell anyone you are the first person I've told"
"Oh it's fine I won't give out my friends, since I know if I were to confess, you wouldn't tell." I smiled and he smiled back.
"Thanks Tyler, oh have you seen Nogla? I had last period with him but he wasn't here?"
"I saw him earlier running down the hall, I thought he was running late so if didn't matter to me"
"Oh alright. Let's head back into lunch I didn't eat breakfast earlier and in starving"
We both started talking on the way into the lunch room

At the end of the day we all gathered up at our spot, right next to the fountain.
Nogla was actually here this Time. But he had...Bruises?
Mini was the first one to notice him and his bruises.
"Nogla are you okay?" He said looking worried.
"I think? Some kid beat me up today for no reason???"
Bullies? Wait is that why he was running earlier?
Mini softly gasped and hugged him, ugh he's cute. Okay fine I admit it I find mini kinda adorable...
"Who where they?" Delirious asked
"I couldn't tell. They had ski masks on, but they were pretty tall, a little bit taller that me." He finally said
"Must have been to scared to show who they where" i said, I know it was starting to get colder by the day but why a ski mask. I mean It was around the 70's today and them running with that on had to make them hot.
We decided to look around the school one last time to see if we could find them or see anything suspicious but sadly we didn't.


God damn it Nogla

Be careful you annoying Badluck bean-

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