Niall's point of view.

Chapter 1.


I sat at the comfy armchair with Harry sitting below me, in between my legs and I started to massage his curly locks when Louis pulled Liam in for a snog. My eyes widened. "Guys. Are you two together?" And they stopped, looked at each other, and then nodded at me. I grinned. "Brilliant!" I beamed and Zayn appeared, carrying a cup of tea and he sat down on the opposite chair from me and Harry.

"Here, we should do a video diary." Zayn suggested and we all groaned, Harry throwing his head back so that my hands were now massaging his face. We both sniggered as he looked up to me. "What? For old times sake." Zayn pleaded. "Fine." Liam sighed. "Liam, what are you doing?" I asked automatically. "Well, he's right. We haven't done one in ages." Liam replied as Louis flung his legs over his lap. I sighed deeply.

While Zayn got the camera, Harry stood up and curled up next to me, bringing his knees uyp to his chin and I resumed to playing with his curly locks. "Niall, what are you doing?" Zayn asked curiously as he sat back down. I looked at him. "Playing with his hair." I replied innocently, flicking a curly strand out of Harrys eyes and Harry sniggered. "Weird." Zayn commented. "You think everything's weird, Zayn." Harry sniggered and I laughed. "Camera's rolling." Louis said impatiently, taking a sip of his own Yorkshire Tea.

"Right, yeah. Anyway, guys. The video diaries are back for now." Zayn told the fans, looking at the camera. "We're back from all the drama...and Liam and Louis are finally together. I think they've been snogging each other's face off since." Sniggered Zayn and I felt Harry tense up next to me. I looked at the side of his face while my hands tangled in his mass of curly locks and he immediatly relaxed. I smiled to my face. "We were on Twitcam last night." Liam said defensively.

"I think we'll have to watch that Twitcam, Harry." I decided softly and Harry nodded in agreement when Louis spluttered out his Yorkshire Tea. I threw my head back and laughed. "Anyway, now we're gonna answer some questions and the first one is from Carrie, and she wants to know what celebrity we'd all date." Zayn explained, his eyes scanning us four.

"I think that question's out for us." Liam said to Louis who agreed, looking back to Zayn. Harry looked away, looking down to the floor. "Harry?" Zayn asked him and Harry looked up at me. "I'd date you, Niall." He said grinning, I grinned back. "I think Niall's stuck there." Smirked Louis. "I'd date you, too." I said happily. Louis cooed and I rolled my eyes at him. He was so pathetic, honestly. "I think..thats it, yeah. So, I'd just like to say, thanks you guys, for everything. Your support, your questions- and if you want us to answer more, we'll get back to you as soon as we can."

"Wait, who would you date, Zayn? We haven't asked you." I asked suddenly. Harry sniggered. "Cheryl Cole. Obviously." He replied. I rolled my eyes. "Anyway, thanks again guys. See you soon." Zayn finished and he stopped the camera. Harry heaved a deep sigh. "I'm gonna go upstairs to watch that Twitcam." I told them and Louis and Liam groaned. "I'll come with you." Harry decided and followed me up to my room.

He sat on the bed with me just as I began to log onto Twitcam. We watched Louis for a while, and then Louis disappeared but then came back with Liam. They both sounded...breathless. I watched Harry at the corner of my eye but he seemed quite calm. Not tense or anything, like he normally is. But when Louis said that the fans wanted him and Louis kiss again, that changed. "I need a drink, be right back." He said suddenly, just as Louis pulled Liam in for another snog. I frowned, staring after Harry.

Did he leave just because Liam and Louis had kissed? Or were about to? Did Harry still have feelings for Louis? He came back, minutes later, holding two Burger King bags. I laughed, all the worries gone. "You said you were thirsty, not hungry." I pointed out as he got out the burgers. "Yeah, well. The lads ordered this for us." He explained, taking a sip of his drink as he watched Liam apologised to Louis. "He shouldn't have forgiven him." I heard Harry say aloud. I frowned, turning to face him.

"What?" I asked suspiciously. He turned to me, chewing at the end of his straw. "What? I didn't say anything." He blurted out. Wow, I don't think I've frowned so much in my life. But he inturpted me by placing a greasy chip in front of my face. "Open." He said, chewing his own food. I opened my lips, rolling my eyes and he placed the chip in my mouth. I chewed happily and he grinned, wiping a bit of chip that had escaepd from my mouth.

He turned to face the laptop again, while I took a sip of Coke. We watched Louis and Liam in silence and then finally, Louis went to sleep, curling around Liam and Liam followed him shortly afterward, resting his forehead against Louis' head. I sniggered quietly. "Harry, they forgot the camera's still on." I smirked, but Harry didn't reply. Frowning again, I shifted my body so that I got a clear view of Harry's face and noticed how his breathing was even and peaceful. I sighed deeply. He had fallen asleep. Well, this was awkward...he hadn't even finished his drink, yet.


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