Chapter 7 Song Of The Dead

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"La la la la... La la la." A melodic voice echoed throughout WOF HQ.

"Close your eyes and fall asleep. Dream a sweet dream filled with happiness while I keep you safe and sound.. " A boy of age 16 held a white gold pendent decorated with diamonds.

" Don't be in a rush to grow up for I will wait forever. Even if you can't see me... I shall always love you. I will always love you -"

Another voice from another boy who was sitting near the boy with the pendant join in and they sang the last part together.

"-my beautiful gift , my beautiful child, from God . "

" That was beautiful... " A female voice snap the both of them to reality.

" Ah... Eve. " Lumiere smiled sadly at her. The boy who was holding the pendant sighed before placing it back on his neck and walking away." Air! " Eve called out, hoping to draw his attention, sadly for her, Air choosed to ignore her.

" What's his deal? " Eve muttered."My little butterfly you shouldn't concern yourself with this, it's none of your business. " Lumiere said while slowly shaking his head.

" Each one of you refuse to tell me a thing... How can I help if so... "

" Its simple, I don't think he needs your help my little butterfly. " Lumiere sighed as he proceeded to leave the room.

" Wait! At least tell me, who taught you that song... "

".... Air's Mother." Lumiere muttered before leaving the room.

Unknown to them, there was another person listening in.

"I can't believe the two of them still remember that song. " The girl smiled.

" Princess! That boy.. Is he the one you want? " Red asked.

" Yup! " She grinned.

" Then let's get him for my dearest daughter then ~" Ruin grinned.

" You guys are too hasty. " Kai and Lost said together.

" Like you two are one to talk. After all you plan to take back your brother, Ciel was it? " Carol grinned.

" Kai, Ciel and Lost are brothers? " Red and Ruby ask in sync

" You didn't know? "

"I am the 5th Prince whereas Lost is the 2nd Prince of Skycorp respectively . The heads' children. Ciel is the 3rd Prince. " Kai said.

"Ok stop talking and let's get this show on the road. " Carol said.

" Hai hai. "

" Remember your positions and role. Today's target is Ciel, Jun and Air. You may only hurt Jun. Only hurt Ciel and Air if they resist. As you now know, Ciel is the 3rd prince so the disciplinary actions will be left to his father and per my princess request, you may not hurt Air. " Ruin said while holding his little princess in his arms.

'Wow, daddy is actually acting sain for once.' Was princess thoughts.

" I heard that. "

'...I will just get into position ' She muttered before leaving the group.

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