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It had been a few hours since Mr. Fontaine left for the event. It must be so hard being rich, having to go to such lavish parties, and anyway don't some people have sponsors that provide them with clothes.

"Rich people," I sighed, "definitely a world apart."

I rolled my eyes and was sitting outside in the garden. To be frank, I didn't have my things with me seeing as I left them in my old apartment, and leaving right now would probably not be the best of decisions. After all, Mr. Moody would probably throw a fit knowing I wasn't at home.

I chuckled to myself.

It was night, the moon was cascading amongst the twinkling stars. I shivered as I felt the cold wind around me, though I was not sure if I should go to bed. This wasn't exactly my house, and I think it would be rude if I chose my own bedroom, no matter how many rooms there were.

So I stayed in the garden, regardless of how cold it was, still clad in my office outfit with my straightened hair now waving with curls. Great.

I sighed and looked up at the sky, wondering just what the future was to hold for me. Even after I stay here for a year, what will I do after that? Will I continue to work at the Fontaine Industries, or perhaps move on, to something better.

"Yeah right, like that would ever happen." I grumbled and rolled my eyes.

He'll probably cheat me out onto something and I'll be held prisoner by his evil motives.

Gosh I watch too many cartoons for my age.

I was sitting on the bench, reminiscing about how life was before. It would be quite nice to have such a cosy house, though it would be better with a family residing inside of it.


The best memories I did have were from my own; mum dad and my little brother. Though that was all tarnished the day they were all murdered, in cold blood by none other than some drug dealer. It was only two years ago, but it still aches my heart to even think back to when I saw the horrors of their bloodied remains.

All for just some stupid piece of jewellery my mum was wearing. They were all coming back from a relatives house, when going into the car a man stopped her. He had held a gun to my brother whilst demanding for money and the gold  around my mother's neck.

"Idiot," I muttered.

It was all caught on a street camera by the side walk.

I sighed and wiped away the tears.

After that, my life never got back up to what it used to be and now here I am as some rich head's maid. All for what? Because I can't afford to mend his suit, well I can't afford a lot of things.

I rubbed the back of my head and made my way inside, the cold had seeped its way into my bones causing me to feel for some warmth.

I trudged inside and noticed the hallway light was on, as I walked on further there were two pairs of shoes. One had been neatly placed by the rack, whilst the other-heels- were thrown in a disarray.

I pursed my lips and glanced up the stairs, shuddering of the thought of what he might be doing.

"Then again, it's not my business." I shrugged and made my way to the living room towards the back.

"Wake up," A stern voice called.

"I said wake up, Downy!" I shot up and blinked the sleep away.

Standing over me was Mr. Fontaine, he was dressed in a casual tee, staring at me with his narrowed eyes.

"I'm sorry, I must of dozed off, what is it, what do you need?"

I frantically moved my hands around for my bearings and smoothed my hair away, thought it was already back to its original brown curls.

"Relax," he smirked and twiddled a curl in between his fingers. "I've got a guest upstairs and just wanted you to know so you didn't disturb her."

I looked at him dumbfounded, "so you woke me up for that, what time is it?"

"3 a.m." He let got of my hair and turned on his heels.

I furrowed my brows, he woke me up this early just for that.

"Why don't you just let me live in my apartment if you feel uncomfortable about all this." I flung my hands in the air, the sleep still over me.

"Me uncomfortable?" He craned his neck and arched a brow, causing a line to appear around his long lips. "I'm merely telling you that there is a bedroom upstairs for you to use. I don't want Reina having any ideas if she were to see you sleeping here like this." He gestured to my skirt that had risen high, showing my thighs.

I blushed I tried pushing my skirt down.

"I wasn't actually sure if you would have liked me going upstairs without your permission, after all this isn't my house and besides I don't even have some of my things." I wrapped a curl around my finger.

"You live here now, your stuff will be here tomorrow, go upstairs and don't come out until I say so."

I sighed, yeah it was too good to be true.

He only wants me up so his fiancée didn't think anything else, then again why would she. Me and her, no comparison at all.

I got up and stretched my limbs, groaning as I did so. Unbeknownst to me were the wandering eyes of my CEO, who stood by the kitchen counter, staring with his cool hazel eyes.

"Aren't you going to sleep?" I asked, blinking him out of a trance.

"I just had quite the work out, sleep is the last thing on my mind." He smirked, causing me to inwardly curse at myself.

I scowled at his shamelessness and shook my head, my brown tresses tickling my neck as they danced through my horrid emotion.

"Well . . . good night," I commented sheepishly.

Though there was no reply.

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