Chapter 33 || Captain Obvious Strikes Again...

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Chapter 33 || Captain Obvious Strikes Again...

What if ?

That is probably one question everybody has asked themselves at least once in their life.

What if I had been brave enough ? What if I had studied more for the test ? All these What if's are swirl around in your head, taking over your mind.

Regret might be one of the worst feelings in the world because you cannot escape it easily. Sadness can be "cured" by happiness, anger by serenity and boredom by excitement.

But regret, regret isn't something that can be outbalanced by anything. Regret is more a decision than a sudden emotion.

I, myself, have made the decision not to have any regrets anymore. Every decision you make teaches you something, no matter if it was a mistake or not.

Wisdom isn't something you gain from always making right decisions, but from the lessons you learned by making the wrong ones. The problem is not the problem, but your attitude towards the problem.

Moving on is part of our lives and the part which is for us the hardest to accept. Sometimes we hold on to something so much that we do not realize that letting go wouldn't hurt half as much as holding on to it.

Unfortunately, this experience is something everybody has to go through for themselves. Of course people try to prevent you from getting hurt by telling you to let go but the only way for you to really complete with something is by realizing it yourself.

The only thing I might really regret is that I forgot to bring any food with me today.

Ugh. I'm starving.

I have still thirty minutes until my English lesson is over and my stomach is growling louder than our P.E. teacher when we accidentally forgot to bring our sports clothes with us.

My gaze was aimlessly wandering through the room. Lately, I haven't been very eager to concentrate when it comes to any school related stuff because I was still occupied with Marissa.

I'm not talking about Noah in this case but more how she managed to trick everybody into thinking that I'm the one who is the major snitch in here. I cannot even prank her in any kind of way because anyone will immediately assume I'd be the one who did it, especially after her little performance Jackson told me about. I just try to stay on good terms with anyone and avoid Marissa as often as possible.

The bell rang and everybody packed their stuff and left as quickly as possible.

"Mr.Evans ? I would like to talk to you for a minute.", our teacher said firmly. I hope he didn't screw up on his essay...

I decided to wait for Noah and pack up my things as slowly as possible. I don't want things to end badly between us and I haven't talked to him for a while now. Walking up to the front, I could clearly hear both of them arguing. Oh oh...

"But Mr. Harris, I put the essay on your table as you told me to. I don't know what happened.", Noah tried to defend himself.

"Mr. Evans, I'm afraid you will have to repeat senior year.", Mr. Harris said sympathetically.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Harris.", I intervened their conversation. "But Noah told me about having to hand the essay in and I even saw him entering the classroom and putting it onto your table.", I gave Noah a reassuring smile and he smiled back at me.

What I said was just partly true but technically I did see him which means I'm technically not lying.

Mr. Harris cocked an eyebrow at my comment and shook his head. "I'm sorry. Unless there is any proof that you have done that essay, I cannot grant you another chance." Noah lowered his head, staring at the floor and seemingly devastated about Mr. Harris' statement.

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