Nationals Planning + Gossip Gets Around

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"Nationals are in a month! We need a set list." Mr Schue says.

"How about 'Love Love Love'?" Ryley says.

There's a whole bunch of 'yeahs' and 'let's do it' from around the group.

"Why that song?" Tina asks.

"Cause most people don't know the song and that means with have a better chance of no one stealing our song." Ryley explains.

"Let's do 'Love Love Love' then. I'm guessing you want the lead, Ryley." Mr Schue asks as he writes down their first song.

"No I think someone else should take lead this time." Ryley says.

"I'll do it." Sam says.

"Ok that's our first song. We need a second." Mr Schue says.

"Now and then I think of when we were together. Like when you said you felt so happy you could die..." Blaine sings.

"We should so do 'Somebody That I Used To Know' by Gotye featuring Kimbra. I love that song." Puck says.

"I agree. Blaine, do you want lead?" Mr Schue asks.

"Yes." Blaine says.

"Ryley? What about you? You up for the Kimbra parts?" Mr Schue asks.

"Is Kimbra a kiwi?" Ryley asks.

"A what?" Finn asks.

"A kiwi is a New Zealander and the answer is yes, I will be up to sing the Kimbra parts." Ryley says.

"Great. Looks like we have our songs settled." Mr Schue says and everyone cheers.


Ryley walks towards her locker alone when she sees Azimo and Daniel (Butterfield) appear from around the corner holding a slushy each.

"Hi?" Ryley says.

"We heard some news the other day that you are the only glee loser we haven't slushied yet." Azimo says.

"Why do you have two?" Ryley asks.

"One for you." Azimo says as he slushies Ryley in the face.

"And one for baby Puckerman." Daniel says as he slushies Ryley's stomach.

Ryley leans against the wall and slides down. She starts to cry.

"Ryley? What's wrong?" Ryley hears a voice. It's Rachel.

"Azimo and Daniel slushied me and my unborn baby." Ryley cries.

"How do they know? You've only told a few people." Rachel says.

"I don't know. Maybe they over heard me and Puck talking about it at one stage." Ryley says.

"Puck will probably beat up whoever told but right now, you need to be cleaned up." Rachel says and the two walk off to the bathroom.


The next day, Ryley and the girls (and Kurt) entered the school to have a microphone stuffed into Ryley's face. On the other end of the microphone: Jacob Ben Israel.

"So how'd you get pregnant?" Jacob asks.

"You've had the talk right? How a babies made." Ryley asks.

"It's not like he's gonna put that knowledge to use cause he's never kissed a girl." Santana says.

They all laugh.

"Get out of my hair event though we'd all get stuck in yours." Ryley jokes.

They all laugh and walk off with Jacob following with his nerdy cameraman.

"Seriously my boyfriend Puck will kill you if you hurt my feelings." Ryley theartens Jacob.

Jacob and the cameraman walk off.


"How could this happen?" Puck shouts.

"What happen?" Finn asks.

"Everyone find out Ryley's pregnant!" Puck shouts and punches his locker in the changing rooms.

"Did you tell anyone?" Finn asks.

"No. Other than my mom, her parents and the glee club, no one else." Puck says.

The door opens.

"Well if it isn't Finnesa and Puckesa." Daniel says with Azimo by his side.

"I wonder how girls get other girls pregnant since Puckesa got that hot chick Ryley pregnant and Puckesa's a girl." Azimo says and he and Daniel laugh.

"Hey Azimo, you hungry?" Puck asks.

Azimo nods.

"How about a knuckle sandwich?" Puck shouts and punches Azimo and they start fighting.

"Hey knock it off!!" Coach Beiste shouts as she enters the locker room.

"Azimo started it, Coach!" Finn shouts, pointing at Azimo.

"I don't care who started it cause I'm finishing it!! You two," Beiste points at Puck and Azimo, "Figgins office now!!!"

Beiste pushes Puck and Azimo to Figgins office.


Ryley sees Puck get pushed down the corridor with Azimo and Coach Beiste. She runs up to him.

"What happened?" She asks Puck, looking at the large bruise on Puck's face.

"Got in to a fight." Puck confesses.

"Why?" Ryley asks, looking at his face for more bruises.

"Azimo was saying I was a girl." Puck mumbles.

Ryley kisses him.

"Azimo is the girl. Have you ever seen him with a girlfriend? I don't think so." Ryley says.

Puck smiles and kisses Ryley.

When they part, Beiste appears.

"Azimo confessed the whole thing. You are not going to get detention and put some ice on that bruise of yours." Beiste says and walks off.

Puck hugs Ryley.


Puck sits in his bedroom with Ryley, who's holding an ice pack against Puck's face.

"I'm trying to figure out who shared our secret to the whole school." Ryley says.

Puck's phone buzzes.

He picks it up.

"Who is it?" Ryley asks.

"It doesn't say. It has a number and the message reads 'I shared your secret'." Puck says.

Ryley's eyes widen.

"What's the number?" Ryley asks.

She grabs the phone out of Puck's hand.

"Maybe someone else might know." She says and takes her own phone out. She starts texting someone.

"Who are you texting?" Puck asks.

"Santana. She knows everyone in schools numbers." Ryley says. She presses send.

A couple of minutes pass and Ryley's phone buzzes.

"Oh no." Ryley says as she looks at the text.

"What?" Puck asks.

"Santana knows who told everyone." Ryley says, showing Puck the text.

He starts getting angry and punches one of his pillows. That scares Ryley.

He looks at Ryley and says "I'm gonna kill Quinn!"

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