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The next day...

Kate's p.o.v

It was around 5pm and Jake called me down to talk to me and ask me a question.

"Kate. How about you tell us who the best kisser is?" He asked.

"From experience- Emilio" I said, making it sound like I'd kissed another member of Team 10- even though I hadn't!

"Oh, ha ha very funny. You know what I mean. Kiss a few of us and decide on your favourite." He said.

"Tessa!!" I called.

"Yessss!" She shouted back while walking down the stairs.

I asked her if I should agree to kiss the boys and decide on who's the best. She said only if I wanted to. I did kinda- out of interest. But at the same time... it was kind of cheating on Emilio- unless he was 'competing'.

"Is Emilio doing it?" I asked the group.

"No 'cause otherwise you'd just chose him haha" Ivan replied.

"Ok Ive but does he at least know about it?" I questioned.

"Yep" he said.

"Then I'll do it- only for the experiment though. Nothing more. Nothing less." I informed the guys. 

I sat down and everyone took their position. I put my blindfold on and got my lips ready 😂.

" number one, step right up!!" Kade said.

We kissed- pretty passionately haha. It felt like Emilio, who had a twin that was part of the contest. I thought it might have been Ivan for that reason. He was a very good kisser- whoever he was!

"Ooh! Baby! How you do da with the lips baby?" Kade joked.

"Oh Kade, *u** off!" I argued.

"Ok, ok. Number two, it's time for you!" He said- deliberately making it cheesy.

We also kissed passionately. I liked it- not as much as the other one though. I thought that one was Anthony.

We continued doing this and at the end I admitted number one was the best. They asked who I thought it was and I said Ivan because it was like Emi and they're twins. I was right and we all celebrated for a while.

I walked upstairs and into me and Emilio's room and was shocked.

It was Hannah.

Not only Emilio's ex- but my school bully too. I hated her guts and so did everyone- except Emilio for some odd reason. She was the classic school bully. Long, blonde wavy hair, blue eyes, perfect body, plump boobs and butt. She's all a guy could wish for. But the thing that angered me the most is that they were lying on my bed, kissing each other. In fact- making out with each other.

"EMILIO WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I screamed, bursting into tears, throwing my hands up in the air and breaking them up from their kiss.

"If you can have fun so can I!!" He shouted back.

"What???" I asked, my anger growing.

"Well you're downstairs kissing my brother, I'm up here kissing your bully." He said.

"Hannah." I said to her.

"Yes my love!" She said sarcastically.

"Get out only my house. AND DONT COME BACK!" I screamed in her face.

"Bye" Emi said to her.

"Emilio." I said.

"What" he replied angrily.

"Sit down. I need to explain. And so do you." I told him.

"Now tell me why you were kissing my brother" he said.

"It was for a video. An experiment. Everyone told me you were cool with it. Honestly Emi I never set out to hurt you. Now what's with Hannah being here?" I asked, calmly.

"She texted me and told me she was coming over. I couldn't stop her- then she just started to kiss me. I tried to pull away. When you came in she said to tell you that I wanted to kiss her because you kissed Ivan. Oh my gosh this is so messed up" he said with laughter at the end.

"Forget about it?" I asked.

"Yehhhhhhhh." He said laughing and kissing me.

I loved him. ❤️

KatePaul we can get through it all, my 'lil goofball ❤️❤️❤️ @emiliovmartinezEmilioVMartinez my world 🌎💕 JakePaul that picture though 😂 xLoganPaul how come you have a perfect life

KatePaul we can get through it all, my 'lil goofball ❤️❤️❤️ @emiliovmartinez
EmilioVMartinez my world 🌎💕
JakePaul that picture though 😂 x
LoganPaul how come you have a perfect life. Kidding, kidding 😂 x
KatePaul @emiliovmartinez 💗💗
KatePaul @JakePaul I know 😂 x
KatePaul @loganpaul yeah like you don't have the perfect life 😝 x

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