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2 months later
Tessa is doing fine jake and kylie have split because kylie has gone to Australia to work with her parents and tessa and Chance are getting even closer , Anthony and niki have also split

I went to the gym at 1 and the I went to Starbucks and I came back and changed into
((Outfit below))

3:30 I went to the gym at 1 and the I went to Starbucks and I came back and changed into ((Outfit below))

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Then I went with Emilio and Ivan over to Hermione and the boys house I drove because I got my licence

Chances POV
It was only me jake tessa tony Erika and nick in the house everyone else was out I haven't seen Tessa or jake I'm chilling with Erika tony and nick in the office , I left the office and went upstairs I put the code in tessas door I walked in and saw jake and Tessa making out
What the fuck are you doing I screamed
Chance it's not what it looks like Tessa said
I stormed out of the house and went to Hermiones house cause that's where Ellie and the boys and Hermione are at

Back to my POV

I was sitting on the sofa when Chance stormed into the apartment he looked pissed as fuck
Whassup I said
Whassup is that I walked in to tessas room and her and jake were making out Chance said
Wtf me and Hermione said in sync , everyone was speechless
I'm pissed Chance said
I know your pissed but you need to calm down I said
I'm going for a drive he said and stormed out hermione went after him we left and went to Starbucks

Hermiones POV
I went after Chance he had his own car I don't know where from i have never seen it before I got in the car with Chance
Chance you need to calm down before you might do something stupid Hermione said
I can't calm down because my girlfriend cheated on me with my best friend that is just messed up right Chance said as he starts to drive away
Chance Ye it is messed up but you need to slow down now Chance hermione said
Chance kept going faster until ...

Sorry for the cliffhanger but it's going to be posted today the rest is xoxo

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