18 - She's my fresh water.

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Drake ❄

Her lips dragged down my neck, lighting up a trail of fire on my skin. A soft moan leaves my lips as her hand caresses my abs from underneath my shirt.

"Oh fuck, baby.." I breathed, her hand trailing down to the button of my jeans. She undoes it, pulling down the zipper of my flies. Her fingers wrap around my dick, pumping her hand a few times.


My eyes opened when her lips leave my neck, her hand stroking me softly. Her hazel blue eyes stare down at me and she smiles, sending my stomach into a frenzy.

I'm going crazy.

"Love me drake." She whispers, pressing a kiss to my jaw. "'Cause I love yo-"

Rapid knocking sent me sitting upright on the sofa, my eyes snapping wide open.

"Fuck." I muttered, voice hoarse as I ran a hand through my hair. Knocks sounded from the front door once again and I cursed, moving to get off the couch.

When I felt something wet on my pants I froze, looking down.

Did I seriously come in my pants? Fuck, Vanessa. You're driving me crazy.

Looking around, I spot a pair of pants lazily thrown over the couch and quickly pull off my sweats and boxers, pulling the navy blue trousers on.

Whoever was at the door knocked again, louder this time.

I make my way to the front door, pulling it open.

"Hey." My brows furrow as I stare at the girl in front of me with confusion.

"Natalie?" I ask, hand dropping from the door handle, falling at my side. "What are you doing here?"

Hurt flashed across her face and she stepped closer. "My parents and I are back in town.. I thought I'd come visit-" she stops herself, biting down on her lip and looking down for a second before looking back up. "Can I come in?"

I hesitated before slowly nodding and moving aside so she could come in. "Welcome, I guess." I muttered the last part to myself and closed the door behind her.

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