Chapter 6 Mother And Child

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A 3 year old Air sat in the lap of his mother as she read him a story.

"Once upon a time there was a girl. She died and was reborn as a baby to another family. She lived a happy life with her new family, she felled in love and had a child. "

" Isn't that sad? " Young air asked.

" Why do you say so?" The mother asked.

"Cause she will not get to see her old family again. " Air pouted as he murmured," I will be sad if I don't get to see mama again. " His pouting lips was just soo adorable that she blew a raspberry on his stomach.

" Ek! " He scream as he tried to get away from his mother.

" No! " He laughed as his mother did it again while replying," Never! "

" Daddy! Help! " Air resorted to calling his father for help.

His father slowly walk behind his mother and breath behind her ear which made her jump. He then proceeded to blow a raspberry on her, causing her to free Air from her grasp. As the woman scream for help, Air decided to play along and blow one on his mother, ultimately failing of course.

King Andrew and his wife, Queen Lulu who was visiting this family, stood at the side watching this happy family with their two year old,Prince Lumiere before deciding to join in on the fun.

It was a perfect scene. They were all laughing.

Next scene.

Eugene and the royal family had left the mansion to attend some business, leaving their 3 year old Lumiere, and 4 year old Air in the care of the beloved wife of Eugene.

They played in the garden, chasing butterfly with nets and laughing happily.

What came next was unexpected for everyone in the world.

A meteor came crashing down onto each at a very high speed.

The 3 of them turn around and watch this moment as the mother whispered, "No... No This can't be!" It clicked in her head. Her family, the meteor, this world. She grabbed the children and ran, as fast as she could before the meteor struck the earth surface. They ran into the basement of the mansion and hid there with all the emergency food supplies.

The children followed her without any hesitation which made her glad. They didn't question either and simply did as they were told.

Through the cctv of the house, she saw everything. When the meteor finally struck earth, a powerful wave of energy was felt. Some of those who could survive this energy gain abilities known as PsyAbility. Whereas those who could not, turn into Zombies.

She watch with fear as her housekeepers stop moving. A burst of energy then exploded within them and they drop on the floor like sack of potatoes. They then suddenly stood up at a distorted angle and started chasing the survivals.

She nearly gagged at the scene and turn to the children's. They were looking at her with worry.

Since her and the children weren't affected, it was safe to say that they weren't going to turn into zombies.

She smiled and snuggled then closer into her chest. "I will protect you two. Don't worry and leave everything to me."

She took out her phone and check the signal. No signal...

She had to get to higher ground to get the signal to call Eugene. It wouldn't be long until the Zombie get into the basement, after all they had monsterous strength and a very good sense of smell. They had an hour or two.

"Hey... " She said as she turn around." Nevermind.... " She sighed as the children played around with their newly found ability." How did they do that. " She sweat drop .

'Must as well test it out. ' She thought as she lifted her arm," Adacadabra, not like it will work " She said and laughed to herself as all of a sudden the pillar split into two.

" Oh dear. " She mumbled," Please fix this, if not my dear husband will kill me. " Just as she commanded, it fixed.
'So it was true that you immediately know what your ability is.'

She turn around to face the children only to find Lumiere staring into Air Eye, commanding him with his eye ability to make Air blow a gust of wind around.

"Hey stop that! "


" Shit.... " The Zombies broke down the basement door.

She grabbed the children into her arms and sprinted while carrying them . Using her ability to explode zombies around her. The children were already exhausted from playing around with their ability, she couldn't and wouldn't get them to help.

"Hey honey, be a dear and call your father for me. " She asked while running up a flight of stairs as Air snapped out from his daze and took his mother phone.

They were already at the first floor therefore there should be a signal now.

" The line is currently busy right now, please call again later. "

" Oh you got to be kidding me.Voicemail! "

" Okay. " Air said as he turn to voicemail.

" Hey honey, the Zombies really chasing after us! It would help if you get here quickly! "

Once the voicemail was sent, she crush the phone, revealing a GPS chip inside. She took the chip and used her ability to shape it into a ring and place it on Air's Finger.

" Sorry guys. I will lure them away. You guys will be safe here, just don't speak. " She smiled sadly before pushing then into a highly secured safe shelter." If I stay here with you guys, we have a higher chance of being caught. " She slam the door and ran to the garden.

" You bloody A-hole! COME AT ME! " She bellowed to get all the zombie attention. As predicted, all the zombies ran towards her at a high speed.

" Where is that popsicle of a husband when you need one. " She whispered as she got into battle mode.

One by one all the zombies explodes, some bitting her in the process.
Once they were all killed, her veins were already popping out, a sign that she was about to transform into a Zombie.

She turn towards the safe house with a two way mirror, where the children were at.

She gave a nice big smile and said, " I rather die than turn into one of them." She exploded herself.

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