Does he NOT know the concequences??!?

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(Trin- me)
(Wil- Wilford)

*leans back on bed* I hope they like the newer chapte-

*poofs in* WHAT THE HELL!??!

FACK! *falls backward* Wilford?! How- actually don't answer that. What are you doing here...and why you breaking the fourth wall.

I wanted to know why you decided that Dark would mark a HUMAN, FOR FUCKS SAKES!!

Boi, calm down. It's how the story goes. Also, *points at reader screen* it's a x READER. We all know Dark wouldn't have noticed the reader before.

But do you know how much of a risk you put Dark in?

Didn't know you cared about Dark this much....

*sighs* Do they, *points at the readers* , even know what happens when a demon stays away from a marked human for too long?

Naw, how about you explain it then?

-_- Fine. *looks at readers* Basically, the longer he stays away from 'her' <you>, the more human he becomes until he is. A. Human.

And that's so bad, why?

*facepalms* Because, if Dark becomes human, he's not a demon anymore, which means Mark doesn't have a dark side anymore. Sure, maybe me or Google could step in, but Dark was the only one who could actually handle all the darkness in Mark. He was created just to handle it, without going insane. It's like yin-yang. You need one to stabilize the other, or it all collapses.

Wait...are you saying...

Yes. I read your thoughts. Mark could die or just disappear all together.

Uh.....shit. But what about the reader...

I don't give two shits about them, really. But the bad thing is unless he kills the reader, or changes them to a demon...the mark will stay-

Wilford? Oh, and he's gone. Wow. Just wow. Expect more oddness, because you get to talk with Dark. Finally! Eyy.
Bye y'all!~
(P.S., this is a filler chapter, so, yeah. But remember, keep every piece of info you read in the back of your head...)

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