Crazy Girlfriend - Carlos Sainz

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As a normal day, YN was watching TV, specifically a program about Formula one. It kinda talked about some of the drivers, including her handsome spaniard boyfriend Carlos. The man went to the gym in the morning leaving her by herself bored as she always do when they're not together. The drivers were just talking about some of the difficulties of being a Formula one driver in which them all agreed that you somehow get used to. But the girl wasn't even paying attention to what have been said, to her the most important thing was pay attention to her man, and damn he was not only smart, but also very hot and cute. And that's what has been in her mind until the moment he arrived home.

"CARLITOS!" She shouts at the man at the moment she hears the door click. He wasn't even inside the house yet.

"WHAT?" He answers shouting back at the adorable figure sitting in front of the TV.


"And Fernando insists that Romance is dead!" He giggles shaking his head.

" I want to watch horror movies with your hand stroking my hair, or down my pants, I can't decide."

"I would like to remind you that I have two hands!" He stats kissing her mercilessly. "Okay, let's take a shower."

"What? Why LET'S? You're the one who've been suffering at the gym, not me!"

"Well you're too hot for a human being, so or you got a very bad Fever,or you're just too horny!"

"I'm Horny... I'M HORNAAAAAY OKAY!" He uncontrollably laughs at her response.

"I just love you so much!" He says to the girl sincere.

"You better do, because that's kinda why we're in a relationship!" She answers getting upstairs followed by the spaniard who couldn't hide his giggles caused by his girl.

She was funny, adorable, savage, mean, very dirty minded, passionate, lovable beautiful but a very perfect dream girl. And he loved everything about her. Specially her crazy side.

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