Chapter 45

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Erin's POV

My father, uncle, Seline, and I, are all sitting down at the dinning room table when Jaxon and Arlo both stroll in five minutes later, together. I get a wary, unpleasant feeling in my lower stomach when I see them. Why the hell are they together? There are no fresh cuts, no fresh bruises, nor any blood, so that's automatically a good sign, right? But something about the harsh stern features on both of the guys faces is unsettling..

"Gentlemen.." My dad looks up from his conversation with my uncle Vito. "So glad that you could finally join us, sit." He orders calmly.

Jaxon and Arlo both head in different directions. Jax's walks towards the right side of the grand table where I'm sitting at, as for A, he heads of to the left. This table could usually sit a family of twenty, but seeing how it's only just the six of us tonight, my dad had the crew take the table apart so it would only sit six people, or six vampires.. My dad sat at the edge of the table to my right as for the chairs to my left and in front of me, they're empty. My uncle Vito was sitting right across from my dad with Seline sitting to his left.

Jax's takes the seat next to me but before sitting in his chair, he leans down placing a kiss on my cheek. "Hey, beautiful.."

"Hiii," I light up the second his lips make contact with my skin. "Everything okay?" I mutter under my breath.

"Mhm," he says lowly, taking his seat. "Why wouldn't it be?" I look up at Arlo, who's taking his seat in front of me and turn back to Jax's slightly shake my head, shrugging my shoulders at the same time. 'We just.. talked.' Jaxon's deep voice fills my head, rather than my ears. I quickly jerk my attention up to him eyebrows clenched together, and he just smiles..

"What do you mean talked, Jaxon?" I whisper softly. He grabs ahold of my left hand under the table, giving it a light squeeze and his voice fills my head for a second time, 'not here..'

And just like that, the worry and concern I had a second ago is quickly replaced with annoyance. I remove my hand from Jaxon's touch and place it on top of the table.

"Erin.." Jaxon leans in closer to me, murmuring under his breath.

I turn to look at him, a fake small smile on my face. I bring my hand up to cup his cheek, "not here.." I say back sarcastically. Jaxon narrows his eyes at me inhaling a deep breath of air, exhaling it slowly.

What the hells wrong with me? Am I really getting upset over something this small? I quickly look away from Jax's and notice that Arlo is staring straight at us as Seline is talking to him. I'm officially in a bad mood and pay him no mind either, my stomach starts to grumble when I realize just how hungry I am. That's gotta be the problem. I hadn't really been feeding right these past couple of days so I was excited to be getting some actual real food into my system. Not a second later Rosie, Sam, and Leah all step into the dining room area, with a plate in each of their hands.

They place the plates down on the table in front of us and I noticed that it's stuffed shells, my dads favorite. I'd be lying if I said it actually didn't looked divined. I look over at Jaxon who's just poking at the shells in front of him with his fork, looking at it weird. Right, he doesn't know we can eat certain foods if it's made a certain way.

I lean towards my left, towards him, "It's pasta, Jax's, try it.. It'll be fine, I promise."

He turns to look at me with a weird look still on his face, eyebrow arched. "You eat it first.."

I snorts softly and roll my eyes, "fine." I pick up my fork and cut into one of the small shells, but as soon as I have a good amount of food on my fork my stomach begins to churn, and I'm suddenly feeling nauseous and my smile is slowly starting to die down. I swallow the little saliva in my mouth as I feel my throat starting to get dry as I eye the red shells in front of me, when a familiar voice rings at the back of my head.

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