Chapter 14

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Taylor should've landed an hour ago... He hasn't called me yet, I'm really starting to get concerned.

"Hey you've reached THE Taylor Caniff sorry I didn't pick up uh leave a message bye" I heard for the 50th time today.
I decided to text him, again.

To: Taylor❤️
Taylor??? have you landed yet? is everything okay??

I sent it, I already had sent 15 other texts too.


"Dude your phones blowing up turn it off or something." Carter told me.

"Yeah okay, I will in a sec." I responded.

Sarah keeps texting and calling asking if I landed safely I guess I forgot to call her after... Too late now. I'm trying to have fun too.

We were in the limo on the way to the Hotel right now, I was bored so I decided to check Twitter.

"@taylorcaniff: Dallas is awesome! Im so excited to meet all of you guys!"

I tweeted then I read some of the replies. One of them caught my eye.

"@Sarah_Willis: @taylorcaniff oh so you are on your phone? good to know you landed safely..."

She seemed pissed, but I was going to work my magic.

"@taylorcaniff: @Sarah_Willis hey baby I love you!!"

She replied instantly.

"@Sarah_Willis: @taylorcaniff are you sure? if you did you would've called me"

I just stopped responding. I forgot I never told my fans about Sarah, I hope they take it well.
My thoughts were interrupted when the limo driver opened the door, and there were screaming fans. We all walked out, they yelled different things at me.

"Taylor I love you!!"

"Who's Sarah??"

"Who's that girl Taylor??"

"Marry me!"

"Fuck me?"

I laughed at the last one then I responded,
"For sureeee!" I joked. Then walked inside.


After meetings tons of fans, we finally went to our rooms. The other guys already had been to there rooms, so I went to mine to unpack. I was sharing a room with Nash, Cameron, and Aaron this weekend.

All of the guys went to Matts room, while I went to mine to unpack. When I was unpacking, I heard a knock at the door. I didn't check the peep hole, I just opened the door. There stood a girl with long straight brunette hair and hazel eyes, she was very tan, and short she was gorgeous.

"Taylor!" she squealed, like I knew her or something.

"Uh do I know you?" I asked and scratched the back of my head.

She frowned a little, " I wish, I'm just a fan. But I made you this" she held up a shirt that said, 'I'd cuddle you so hard'

I laughed, "thank you so much! what's your name?"

"Lindsey! I am here for Magcon."

"Oh cool," I didn't know what else to do, so I did something stupid. I invited her in. "Uh want to come in?"

"Oh my god yes!" she said as I opened the door wider for her to walk in.

She walked in and sat on the couch, I walked over and say next to her... A little too close.. Oops.

"Your really attractive." She told me.

"Your really attractive too..." I told her.. I couldn't help myself... It's just apart of my personality, I leaned in and kissed her.
And then, I was interrupted by the door to my hotel room opening, oh shit I'm in trouble.
I'll update soon idk

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