Part fourteen - Spilt Blood.

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I’m The Option You Shouldn’t Have Chosen- Part fourteen – Spilt Blood

I wanted to lock myself away somehow and hide forever, but I knew that wasn't possible.

My stomach woke me from my deep sleep by rumbling in pain and I remembered that Slade said he had my dinner wrapped up. I finally had permission to do something on my own. It was good to feel independent as I walked downstairs in the middle of the night to get my left over chicken and vegetables.

No matter where I stood or looked, I knew he'd be watching me. Probably wondering if I was going to try and make a run for it- believe me, if I could then I would.

So I just did the normal thing of re-heating my food in the microwave and then taking it back upstairs to my room. As I sat on my bed the loneliness of my situation sunk in.

I didn't have my parents, I didn't have a friend, I didn't have anyone.

How could Slade wish this fate upon anyone? I was helpless.

I didn't bother finishing my dinner and I instead placed it on the floor by my bed. Maybe I should just starve myself to death? It would be a better possibility then becoming a wife to Slade.

My last thoughts before going to sleep were about home and the fact that I would have to join in with the cleaning duties tomorrow.

I woke to find that some folded clothes had been placed on my bedside table along with a feather duster and a note from Slade.

'You need to start by dusting every room in the house, do not enter my study though.'


Oh how nice of him, note the sarcasm in that. I got out of bed and headed to the shower. I was a good girl this time and lathered myself up in  the raspberry shampoo instead of the lime.

When I got out I dressed into the clothes he had given me; a black singlet and a pair of black leggings.

Once again, skin-tight clothes that left nothing to the imagination.

I started at the top floor of the house and went by every room, making sure to dust down everything. I skipped Slade's room because I thought it'd be rude to go in there just like he didn't want me to enter his study. When I finally reached the finally floor I was already tired and just felt like lying down.

The ball room would have been one of the hardest rooms to dust because there were many shelves with little ornaments on them that you had to pick up individually.

"You did a nice job; I should get you to do it more often." I heard Slade come into the room just as I had finished dusting the last item. Was that a compliment that he had just given me? Why did I feel the need to impress him?

"Thank you Master." I replied without looking up.

"The floor will need to be scrubbed now." He said and I actually took the time to look up to him. It was like seeing an angle, only vampires weren't angels at all. I could not believe that I now had to scrub the floor. Slade held a bucket of soapy water and a small scrubbing brush in his hand. Lucky me!