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Pen Your Pride

Part fourteen - Spilt Blood.

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I spent soo long writing this for yous' because I promised I would upload it today. Now I was so excited to get it up for you guys so I didn't proof read it :/ Sorry for any mistakes hahaha!

I've been a busy girl and I've already started writing the next chapter to this and 'I never wanted you.' Take a look at that story too if you like, I'm entering it in the 2012 watty awards and I'm so so excited :D

Anyway have a good read and don't forget to leave me a few comments telling me whether you loved it or not ;) xxx

I’m The Option You Shouldn’t Have Chosen- Part fourteen – Spilt Blood


I wanted to lock myself away somehow and hide forever, but I knew that wasn't possible.

My stomach woke me from my deep sleep by rumbling in pain and I remembered that Slade said he had my dinner wrapped up. I finally had permission to do something on my own. It was good to feel independent as I walked downstairs in the middle of the night to get my left over chicken and vegetables.

No matter where I stood or looked, I knew he'd be watching me. Probably wondering if I was going to try and make a run for it- believe me, if I could then I would.

So I just did the normal thing of re-heating my food in the microwave and then taking it back upstairs to my room. As I sat on my bed the loneliness of my situation sunk in.

I didn't have my parents, I didn't have a friend, I didn't have anyone.

How could Slade wish this fate upon anyone? I was helpless.

I didn't bother finishing my dinner and I instead placed it on the floor by my bed. Maybe I should just starve myself to death? It would be a better possibility then becoming a wife to Slade.

My last thoughts before going to sleep were about home and the fact that I would have to join in with the cleaning duties tomorrow.

I woke to find that some folded clothes had been placed on my bedside table along with a feather duster and a note from Slade.

'You need to start by dusting every room in the house, do not enter my study though.'


Oh how nice of him, note the sarcasm in that. I got out of bed and headed to the shower. I was a good girl this time and lathered myself up in  the raspberry shampoo instead of the lime.

When I got out I dressed into the clothes he had given me; a black singlet and a pair of black leggings.

Once again, skin-tight clothes that left nothing to the imagination.

I started at the top floor of the house and went by every room, making sure to dust down everything. I skipped Slade's room because I thought it'd be rude to go in there just like he didn't want me to enter his study. When I finally reached the finally floor I was already tired and just felt like lying down.

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