Chapter Thirty Three

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A Week Later

I hopped out of Mr. Sean's car as he pulled up outside of the studio. He rolled down his window, "Do me a favor son and tell my niece to call me aight?"

"Of course, anything else?" He shook his head, "Just sell that shit, you gotta do better than last week. I'll hit you on the line in a few days but try to stay out of trouble ard?" I nodded as I turned away, "Cool. See you later Mr. Sean." I adjusted my back pack as I made my way into the storefront studio we had been working out of lately to see Jelissa, Emone, and Jordan already there harmonizing to random melodies.

"Wassup witchall?" I asked as I took my seat by my girl wrapping my arms around her tightly. "Nothing really chillin, we were waiting for Darnell." Jordan interjected, "Yeah I think we finally came up with a name we're all satisfied with." I raised an eyebrow, "Oh yeah? That's wassup. Baby your uncle said for you to give him a call." I said turning my full attention to Jelissa as I pecked on her cheek.

"So what's been going on with you? Why weren't you in school yesterday and today?" She asked and I took a deep sigh while looking passed her, "I mean... I had something to handle. I'll be back tomorrow though." "Something to handle like what?" She turned up the corners of her lips. "It's not something you should really be concerned with. Let's talk about something different. You real excited about finally picking a name for the group?"

Jelissa rolled her eyes, "Bae you cheating on me?" My eyes widened as I was taken back a little bit, "What the hell girl where that come from?" She shrugged, "I'm saying like, I haven't seen you and we've barely talked in the past couple of days. Soooo if you ain't talking to me, who are you talking to?" I started to chuckle, "Jelly you crazy, I'm not cheating on you girl."

"Let me find out you seeing some dirty lil girl, you or her ain't gone see what's coming." I kissed my teeth as I took Jelissa's chin in my hand causing her lips to pucker a little bit, "Why you think I would do you that? Girl I told you I'm for you now stop playing with me." I tried to kiss her and she moved her face. I chuckled, "Get fucked up Jelissa, come here..."

I pulled her in close and we started kissing slowly, "Aight, aight cut that shit out before it gets nasty because my virgin eyes do not need to see that." Emone held up one hand and Jelissa started giggling, "Stop lying Mone."

About fifteen minutes later Darnell strolled in and after discussing the new group name along with a new schedule for studio time he was about to dip but I wanted to talk to him about something. We stepped out into the hallway and I shut the door behind me.

"What's up Aug?" I scratched my chin while gathering my thoughts, "Man you know I luh working with the girls, they my potnas. But when can we start working on some of my stuff too? I thought we had a deal, you said you'd help me out with my music in exchange for me working with the girls." Darnell placed his hand on my shoulder and I looked down at it before looking back at him, "August you got talent kid. But right now the girls are my first priority. Maybe a little later we can put something together for you but right now I've got my hands full."

"I can't wait for a little later, I got something to say right now. I put the same amount of effort into producing these tracks for the girls as I do in my own music. I've been waiting around for months, and either you believe in me and you working with me or you ain't really rocking with me at all."

Darnell sighed, "August I don't want to put either of us in an uncomfortable position here. If you can be patient I can get a little something going for you. But if you want to walk away, then walk away." He patted my shoulder before collecting his hand and walking out the door and I stood there irritated for a few minutes.

Next Day

I stood by my locker looking in the mirror attached to the door as I ran my fingers through my hair to soften up my feather curls that Emone had slayed in my hair the evening before and turned to her as she shut her locker door and leaned against it, "Girl you better not fall asleep in any class today. Remember we supposed to be trying to stay on top of things, the school year is almost over."

"Don't worry about me falling asleep, did you finish your homework last night is all I want to know?" I rolled my eyes, "For your information yes I did, I did last nights reading for English and read ahead." She clapped as chuckled, "Good, I'm just checking because you know you've been slipping lately." I smiled while wrapping my arms around her hugging her.

"I knoooowwww thank you for holding me accountable sisss." She chuckled as she pushed me off of her and we started walking towards first period. "You know who I haven't seen in school lately?" I asked as I watched her turn her head towards me, "Who?"

"Amber. I wonder where she's been," Emone kissed her teeth and hit my shoulder, "Girl why are you worried about her?" I shrugged, "I ain't worried about her I've just noticed she hasn't been at her locker staring us down this last week."

"Well let's consider ourselves lucky," Emone said as we took our usual seats by the door and a few minutes later August walked in just before the bell rang, "Oh look who decided to show up to school," I teased as he sat next to me. "I was tired as hell this morning, I wasn't about to come." Emone shook her head, "Both of y'all need to stop playing before you end up not having enough credits to get promoted."

All day everyone around us seemed to have this sleepy vibe going on that must have been contagious because I was whipped by the end of the day. I walked out of the front doors of the school with Emone and August when I heard a horn beep and looked up to see my uncle Sean getting out of his cream Cadillac. I approached him.

"Hey unc, what are you doing at my school?" I inquired and he opened up the passenger side door, "It's time to go home Jelissa." I crossed my arms over my chest. "Uncle Sean no offense but I think I'm doing just fine handling myself without your brother and his wife." He chuckled as he took my book bag off of my shoulder and threw it in the backseat.

"Girl get yo butt in the car," He waited for me to reluctantly get in and he closed my door. I heard him say something to August and then he joined me by getting in the driver's side and pulling off. "You think Janessa was ready to come home every time I dropped her off with those folks? Y'all my nieces though and I love y'all too much to see you going from pillar to post every time you have a fall out with your people."

I sat in the passengers seat with a bubbling attitude as he took the fifteen minute drive to the house in silence. When we approached my house I won't lie I had mixed emotions about being back home. I was happy because I wouldn't feel like I was burdening Emone and her family anymore, but I also wasn't sure that I was ready to face Angela again or look at my father in the eyes.

My uncle unlocked the door and walked in behind me and when I looked to my right I saw my mother and father both standing in the kitchen. My mother stood there with a look of annoyance written over her face while my dad looked like he wanted to speak up and just didn't have the words at the moment.

"Go upstairs, I'll have August get your things in a couple of days." He kissed my head and I ran upstairs not really wanting to speak to either of them anyway.

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