**This is a kind of continuation of The Tutor, but it's in a new character's POV. Keep that in mind.**


A brand new school.  I was slightly on edge because of my previous school and how I was raised. 

I was not an average teenage girl.  I went to an all girls’ finishing school before this.  Along with the fact that my parents are very conservative and big on traditional values, I was a little out of my element when my father decided to make his company expand forcing us to move to California and I was thrown into the world of public high school.

I truly didn’t even know what to do. 

I had to go with my mother to the school before my first day so she could fill out some paperwork and get me my uniform.

I had curled my brown hair that day and wore a pretty little blue sundress with a matching hat.  I was wearing white heels and I looked like I walked straight out of a homemaker magazine.  The blue dress really brought out my cornflower blue eyes.

My mom and I were sitting in the principal’s office and class was in session right now.

“Margret,” My mom said turning to me. “This is going to take a minute, why don’t you go take a look around?”

“Yes mother.”  I said standing up and exiting the office.

I walked down the hallway and looked in a few classrooms.  It was a pretty typical high school.  I had seen movies and read a few books and it matched the description quite well.

My heels were clicking all the way down the hallway and it was the only sound I heard.  That and my sniffling.  I didn’t like the fact that I had to leave my friends and that I had to attend this school.  Not that I was judgmental of the people who attended, but I just don’t think I’d fit in.  I’ve never been at a place that’s co-ed since preschool.  I was scared.

I suddenly heard something breaking my train of thought.  Someone coming down the hall, but they weren’t walking. 

I turned around, but only right as someone slammed right into me, sending us both to the ground.

“Ow.”  I said quietly.  I looked up into the gorgeous green eyes of a boy. 

“Oh!  I’m so sorry!”  He exclaimed.  I immediately blushed.  I’ve never been in such an inappropriate predicament with a boy before.

We both quickly got up.  “Thank you.”  I said as he helped me up.

“Again, I’m really sorry, but…uh…I have to go!  I’m sorry!”  He said taking off again.  I watched as he ran down the hallway.

Suddenly I saw a girl turn the corner on the opposite end of the hallway.

“I’m going to get you!”  She yelled. She had long blonde hair that looked like it had been straightened and hair sprayed a little too much.  She was very pretty, but wore quite a bit of makeup and it wasn’t done very flatteringly.  Suddenly she noticed me and stopped.  “Well, miss happy homemaker, did you see a boy run this way?”

“Um…yes.  But can I ask why you’re chasing him?”

She smiled.  “I’m going to smack him.”

I gasped and blushed again.  “But why?”

“I don’t know.  I like him.  He’s the greatest guy I’ve ever met!  Oh and he rejected me in front of my whole class.”

“Who is he?”

“His name is Declan Meyers.  He’s funny, super smart, undeniably handsome, and so sweet.  He’s perfect, except for one little thing.”

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