can't help falling in love // jughead jones

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dedicated to: hopefxl_ (aye) and jughead_trash (HAPPY BELATED BDAY FAM!!! THIS IS UR IMAGINE!!)

WARNING: drinking and yadda yadda. drinking underage is not safe peoplz.

this was inspired on a filipino movie, 'can't help falling in love'!

BUT, i did change some stuff, and added stuff. +this is me attempting to write rom com... welp

this star thing (╰☆╮) means the point of view is changed.



"Hey Mayor Keller! How may I help you?" I answered the mayor's call. The Kellers were close friends to the Jones. The Kellers trusted my family dearly, that, I was even given a task in the investigations.

Lucky Juggie over here.

(Yes I enjoy speaking in third person)

"Oh, Jughead hey. So, I wanted to ask you if you could go to my wedding program. Like make people marry each other with no pay. And I need a reporter. I asked Betty a while ago, but she declined since she said she was busy," Mayor Keller all said in a rush.

I chuckled, "Why in a rush Mayor Keller?" I then heard someone call Mayor Keller. "Sorry Jug I got to go. So, are you gonna come?" He asked with so much hope.

I nodded, but remembered Mayor Keller couldn't see me. "Yeah sure Mayor. Anything for the Keller's!" I replied with a smile.

"Okay thanks Jug! I got to go alright? See you! Oh, and it's on February fourteen, 7pm! Valentine's day!" Mayor Keller all said in a rush. And then before I could reply, he hung up.

"Mayor Kelle— ugh!"

Valentine's day. Such a great day to do couple-y things! (Not)

I'm alone...

Aye at least I still have my laptop and food!

a few days later...

"Mayor Keller!" I exclaimed, when I saw the Mayor get out of his car with his son, Kevin. Kevin was my classmate in high school and college. "Kevin!" I called once again, catching Kevin's attention. Kevin quickly ran over to me, over the people that were crowding his dad.

"Jug! Hey! So, writing a report?" Kevin asked him, taking a few breaths, and sent me a smile. I scratched my neck and gave him an awkward smile, "Yeah. Y-your dad, called me a few days ago." Kevin chuckled and replied, "Oh typical dad. So, how's life treating you, after you graduated college?"

I smiled sadly, "Well, I'm done editing my novel about the whole Jason Blossom thing, and I just need to apply for a publishing company." Kevin nodded understanding. When he was supposed to say something, he was cut short by his father.

"Jughead! Glad you came!" Mayor Keller exclaimed, making the paparazzi's look at them. "Hey mayor!" I grinned doing a handshake with him.

"So, how's your novel goin'?" Mayor Keller asked. "Welllll, like what I discussed with Kevin," I quickly glanced at Kevin, "I'm done editing my novel, and all I have to do is apply for a publishing company."

Mayor Keller grinned as he stated, "I just so happened to have a friend that owns a publishing company." My aqua blue eyes then twinkled with excitement. "You never fail me Mayor!" We all laughed then, Mayor Keller bid his goodbye.

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