Part 30 A Twist

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THE FIRST MORNING SUN CREEPS through the sliding glass door of my room at the Shrine waking me. Still in the arms of Modeus, I lift my head off his chest to examine the striking position of his nose and follow it all the way down to the dip above his lips. He is so handsome when he sleeps.

Opening his beautiful brown eyes he looks down at me "Good morning beautiful."

Oh, be still my heart. This man actually spent the night with me.

Perusing the tiny room, I watch his eyes wander to the sun now beaming through the sliding glass door. "This is where you come to remember your father?"

Grabbing the sheet, I pull it to my chest and sit up. "Yeah. We used to come here and transcend." Caught up in the memory of my father I find myself walking to the balcony. The hot morning sun hits my face and silences my ever-chaotic mind.

The sliding door opens and Modeus joins me. This is beautiful.

Staring out to the ocean, I nod in agreement. Yes, this was our hideaway.

From what?

Knowing damn well what we were hiding from lifts me from my peace and back into my chaotic mind. "My mother. She didn't like that we could communicate with our minds. She thought it was evil."

"You ready to share that?" he asks.

"Well," I say, voice shaking. I close my eyes. My heart beats fast remembering the pain and every emotion comes barreling back. Pain, suffering, oh, my God. Mom, don't you love me? Dad... here, crazy, transcending... lights...

Modeus turns to me and grabs my hands. It's okay. Calm down.

Realizing he can hear my mindless chatter, I slow down and focus. I stop my thoughts and remember that day. Turning to Modeus, I lock eyes with him and lower my head. I had autism when I was young...very high on the spectrum in fact. My father wanted to cure me and he did...with a twist. I was around nine or ten I think. He had a hidden lab that he used to test out his most precious and sought-after experiments. One day he took me there and we played all day with different lights. And at the end of the day, I was able to speak to my mother. She was both happy and horrified. She didn't want anything to do with me at first. I drop my head and begin to softly cry. "Is this what you wanted?"

Modeus takes my face in his hands and kisses my lips. Yes... knowing the real you is much more interesting than Brenda Summers the A&R Rep.

Nodding my head, I attempt to pull away, but he does not let me go.

No running. Look at me, Brenda.

Finding his beautiful brown eyes, I stop.

I'm forever grateful to your father. He is a true hero.

With tears in my eyes, I crack a half of smile. "He was my hero."

"You think he didn't love you? Is that why you cry?"

I come back down to earth and as usual feel silly for sharing. I really don't like going down this road as it's so long and sorted with details that I'm not sure even matter anymore. "So, now what Modeus? Where do we go from here?"

He takes me in his arms and pulls me close. " I don't want you to be scared, but things will have to change soon."

Like the day he revealed he was a demon, panic overcomes me. "What do you mean?"

"Do you trust me?" he asks.

Playfully, I wiggle out of his grip and walk back into the room. "I'm not sure how to answer that."

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