The Lies I Tell Myself...

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(Y/n) P.O.V

I smile and softly chuckles. "Yeah right, Adrien, you know I totally beat you."

He shook his head and smile. "Nun uh! Dont lie to yourself! It was a tie."

'Can't, help it.'

"Okay! I'll try!" I roll my eyes playfully, we soon arrive to my house. I notice my parents not home again. I took out my key, carefully, not to wake up Snow. I smile as I heard barking. I wanted to bark back, but Adrien will know.. And Like Snow said.. I can't tell anyone. The door open and I walk in.

"Wanna come in?" I saw him shake his head. "Nah, I'm fine. I got to be getting home. See ya tomorrow." He start to walk back to his house. I sigh and shut the door, still confuesd on why the feelings I had earlier.

Rhelay P.O.V.

I roll my eyes at Jasmine. "C'mon, Jas,  we have work to do. Stop messing around."

I just was informed that Marinette was off in.. "Where Ladybug?"

"Oh! She with (Y/n) sister, Hailey, If remembering correctly, Hollywood."

I growl. "Then we got to get your cousin miraculous, Now! Also that turtle and that she-wolf."

I look over at Jasmine, she look... Guilty? Oh well.

I sigh and rub my temples. "Go back home. I'll see you tomorrow at school."

I saw her nod and wave bye to me, as she walks away.

I don't want to upset Master... So I can't fail... Tomorrow.. It will begin.


(Y/N) P.O.V

Last night I told Snow about the weird feeling. She called it.. Uh Jealously. I guess that's a feeling I usually don't  get or notice.

I shrug the feeling and thought off. I bring myself to leave the house. I didn't want to. Something, I can feel it, but then I remember.

"Mother day." I whisper. I check the time and then their room. I have enough time, about an hour, and they both weren't here. So I went to my room and look though my closet, under my bed, and everywhere else.

I got the pinky banks or the lose change, everything that I had or been saving.

It took me about 30 minute to count all the money I had. I softly smile. I only took half of what I had which was...

"$350... Dollars. And they I was wasting my time by keeping all this money."

I wrote a letter and tape the money on there. I know she comes home for lunch, so I left the letter and money here on the table and left the house.


Moms P.O.V

I know she knows. The money issue. Why? What happen? What did he do? Did (D/n) do this? He says no. I sigh as I climb into my car, since its time for break. I unlock our home and saw something on the table.

I raise an eyebrow and walk over. I pick it up and read it

'Hey Mom! Well first off, Happy Mother Day! I kinda forgot, but I didn't! See?

Anyways I love you and u wanted to get you something you don't have. But I remember the issue... So I got half of my money I been saving since I was little. So here it is! I hope this will help you and dad out.

Also I'm sorry I yelled at you yesterday, I was just upset. I Don't know. So yeah I'm very sorry. Love you mom.

Love (Y/n)'

I smile softly and took out the money. My eyes widen.. Its about $350 dollars.. How did she manage this? She different my little life saver. I'm glad I have a daughter like her.

I got my lunch and the letter with money.  I walk out my house since I lock it, so climb back into my car. I put the money and letter into my purse. I start to drive back at work, but stop at the red light. I guess I wasn't paying attention, since a van, was coming straight towards me..

No One P.O.V

(M/n) was struggle against her seat buckle. She didn't get it in time, the van crash right into the front of her car. She scream as Alpha got there as fast as she could.

(M/n) felt the pain right in her stomach. She look down and see glass right in her stomach. She move her shaky hands over the wound. She put her ring figure on the glass but wince at the pain. She took a shaky breath, but couldn't calm down. Now she focus on her breathing.

Alpha saw the car, the familiar sense. Her eyes widen, about to cry, she saw Chat get there as well.

"Where Ladybug? She usually here.."

She shake her head. "Ladybug move away, its only me, you and Tortue." She stated as Tortue show up,she run over to her mom car, seeing if she okay. She sigh in relief and yank on the door, her mom scream in pain so she stop.

Chat comes over and gets his baton and try get the door open. Tortue walk over to the van, and open the door, easily. He show confusion on his face, but went inside and saw nothing. No human. No people. No nothing. He realize what it is.

The cops came with the ambulance. Chat Manage to open the door, as the police wrap the yellow police tape around the area.

Alpha was gently pick up (M/n) and saw the glass.

"This.. This will hurt, really bad, mom." She whisper so only (M/n) could hear. She saw (M/n) nod as Alpha start to pull out the glass. (M/n) scream as Alpha went faster. But Alpha stop and took her whip out.

"Bite on this." Alpha comment with worried in her voice. (M/n) nod and start to bite in it. Alpha manage to get the glass out but now, blood was pouring out.

The professional took over and Alpha try so hard not to cry.  Alpha nod at the boys, telling them to head back. Police thank her and she walk into an alleyway. Locking around, knowing it safe, she deform.

(Y/n) P.O.V

I fell to my knees and cry. I sob, cover  my mouth with my hand. Snow try to cheer me up. I sob more and louder. I got up, and Snow flies into my pocket as I run to the Hospital to see my mom.

I went to the person that was in the front desk. "Hello madame, is Mr-rs. (L/n) he-ere?" My voice crack. She cheek her list and nod.

"Yes, but she getting surgery. If you want to see her, you have to sign These papers." She told me and hand me paper. I nod and walk over. I begin to cry again but with silent sobs. I start to sign the papers but with tears rolling down and wetting the paper.

'Everything going to be okay...

Stop lying to myself...'

Happy Mother Day!!!!!!!

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