Chapter 2

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I wait impatient for school to get over and it is finally time. I Sprint to my bus as the bell rings. When I get home I go to the door and open it and they all start singing to me and it's tell me. After they finish I give them all a hug and I get to zach and he slips a note in my pocket when he hugs me. After that zach says they that they wanted to sing me a song because I am letting them stay. Later that night I make dinner for everyone I make tacos and everyone loves them later we watch a the movie the thinning because there director logan paul stars in it. Daniel, Jonah, Jack, and Corbyn sit on the couch and Zach and I sit in the chair. Zach and I fall asleep in the chair and when we wake up all of the other boys are staring at us as we were cuddling we let go of each other and I pick up my phone and there are a bunch of text on it and they are all from Daniel, Jonah, Jack, and Corbyn. I ask them about it and they got on my phone and changed my background to zach and I sleeping and they got on my snap chat  and added a bunch of stuff to my story. Zach picks up his phone too and he starts to smile.

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