s*t*a*r*s 7 - pt 115

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             She pulls Spencer down onto the bed.  “You’re not serious are you?”

             Spencer smiles.  Instead of answering she kisses Sydney.  And all hell breaks loose.


            Tegan rockets away from the card table and her body shivers violently.  She grabs at the table, trying to right herself.  Abby groans. 

             “What is wrong with you two?” asks Daisy.  She eyes them oddly.  Rylee stands up slowly from the table and Natalie comes rushing in.  The room stops.  Everyone freezes, including Tegan and Abby.  Rylee spins towards Natalie.

             “Come on, Rylee.  Abby and Tegan have gone dark.  I need to get you to safety.”


            Jayden coughs hard.  She opens her eyes and the flashlight throws odd shadows throughout the room.  Her vision doubles, and then triples.  She extends her hand and can see that a finger is broken, but it’s knitting slowly.  She edges up to her knees and reaches for the flashlight. 

             Sydney had hit her hard.  Relentlessly.  “Hue?” whispers Jayden.  Begging him to come to tunnel her back to Haven Island.  Back to Natalie.  How long has she been gone?  Has Nat even missed her?  “Hue, please, next time she comes back I might not survive.”

             Still nothing.  Jayden tries to focus but her head pounds, she lifts a hand to her face and finds dried blood.  Oh, wonderful, she thinks. 


            Amy swerves around a car, she feels the back tires skittering sideways and she reaches out with her powers to right it.  Jo’s nose is bleeding and she isn’t even paying attention to it.  Her eyes are clamped shut, her hand holding the door handle with such force that Amy worries she’ll snap it off. 

             “Can’t you drive faster?” grumbles Jo.  “Sydney’s got her.”

             “Got her?”

             Jo’s eyes open and she casts a hot look at Amy.  “In bed.”

             Amy shoves the peddle to the floorboard and then, with telekinetic muscle, she edges the car towards 140.  Not only was Tegan in danger, so was Spencer.  Being a parent to two talented kids was a pain in the ass.


            Spencer’s lips touch Sydney’s and the all the light bulbs in the room explode, raining them with star-like sparks, but both are oblivious to it.  Spencer is aware of her hands moving but she can’t control them, she feels two new people in the room. She pulls her lips away from Sydney’s and sees Matt and Danny from the corner of her eye, Matt reaches for her but Spencer is ready.  So this is who was helping Sydney. 

             Her left hand extends and a bolt of blue energy wraps around him and pins him to the wall.  She squeezes her hand and snaps Danny’s neck and he crumples to the floor.  Matt tries to run, but she swipes her hand towards the window and sends him out the window, she feels his life force disappear, he’s dead too.

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