Chapter 4: contacts

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~ Otabeks p.o.v~

I couldn't believe it was really him or 'yuri'. As I walked in I could see him much clearer and he looked beautiful.
I now felt bad for not being by his side. When he wakes up he's going to be all alone. I walk in and check his charts which were fine, then, I checked his personal information to try and find if he had any emergence contacts. I couldn't find a single phone number and the only relatives listed were his parents.
I decided to stay in his room just so I could relax since I was done with everything else I had to do. I sat in one of the plastic chairs by his bed which look like it hadn't even been moved in 7 years. Wow he looked beautiful. Like really beautiful. Almost non-human beautiful.
Looking at him now and realizing that when he would wake up if ever, that he would probably have no one to go to made my heart drop. There was no way I could ever let that happen. No I couldn't. But was there anything I could do? Probably not.
I went to go to the front desk to ask the nurses if there was anything I could do about this. Before I left I placed my hand on his hand while I quickly took out my phone and snapped a quick picture. He was to beautiful not to.

~Yurios point of view~

I was staring of into the vast black void that was my mind. Every now and then I would feel something cold wave past me. Air? A person maybe? I wasn't truly sure. But today, today was different. For a little while I could almost feel someone's presence for a couple minutes at most. Oh but I wanted it to be an eternally. Then, I actually felt warmth. Somewhere. Maybe my hand? Arm? Again I wasn't sure. But it felt like something I knew. That's it! The only thing I've been holding on to! That feeling. It was the same. It felt so warm and something I wanted. But as quickly as it was there, It went away. I never wanted it to go away. I wanted it to engulf me just as it has when I first entered my eternity in my personal black void.

~Otabeks P.O.V~

I silently walked out of the room, as if I was scared to wake the beautiful sleeping blond. I walked back to the front desk where the nurse was typing on her computer.

"U-umm excuse me? Miss?"

She quickly looked at me giving me a bright smile

"Oh hi honey! What could I do for ya?"

"Um I was wondering about Yuri Plisetsky? Like if he has any emergency contacts?"

She looked at me shocked. I could almost she something in her eyes. Hope?

"Oh Yuri Plisetsky? Oh you must mean Yurio! There is another Yuuri here so everyone calls the blond one Yurio!"

I don't understand why but that nickname pissed me off a lot.

"Well sadly he has no contacts and no one has ever visited him in the time I've been here. Poor thing. Why?"

I could feel my face blush for some reason I was unsure if.

"He's kind of a friend of mine I guess. I mean I didn't know him but I got him out of the car from when he got in the car crash."

"Oh Wow! I guess he does have friends! Hey I don't know if he will and I don't want to get your hopes up but if Yurio ever wakes up do you want to be he's emergency contact?"

This person who's name was apparently 'Lila' really pissed me off. I really couldn't tell why but she did. Also this hospital doesn't seem to be the best security wise. They had cameras and security around like hospitals normally did but should this nurse really be giving me this information or really be doing this for me? Probably not but there is no I couldn't.

"Um yes! That would be great actually!"

"Ok I just need your full name, email, and phone number!"

" *otabek says his information*"

"Ok great! Your now Yurio Plisetsky's only emergency contact!"

And with that I thanked her and made my way home wondering if this was at all a mistake.

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