Chapter Twenty One

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"Alpha Alexander?" I question into the phone.

"Yes? Who is this?" Alex answers back, causing me to roll my eyes.

"Alex, it's Alpha A." I state.

"Oh, hey. What can I help you with, Alpha A?" Alex questions, more excited now.

"I am asking permission for Beta Lance and I to stay in your pack for no more than two weeks." I state clearly.

"May I ask for what purpose?" Alex asks.

"Personal. We wouldn't be staying at the pack house either, we would be staying with my parents."

"That's perfectly alright. Do they know that you're coming?" 

"Nope. Going to surprise them." I reply.

"Alright. Permission granted." Alex replies.


"Of course."

I hand up the phone and look up at Lance. "If you haven't already guessed, we got permission." I state, not able to hide my smile. 


"Mom! Dad!" I exclaim as they both open the door.

"Aubrey?" Mom says clearly shocked.

"Yes!" I practically scream.

"Oh, sweetheart." Mom says, pulling me in a hug as I feel dad wrap his arms around both of us. 

"Come in, come in. John and Laura just got here as well." Mom states, ushering Lance and I in. I place my right hand in front of my left so that no one can seen the beautiful ring that sits proudly on my finger. 

"Aubrey!" John yells, jumping up and wrapping his arms around me. Seconds later, Laura comes over, also giving me the best hug she can, being nine months pregnant. 

"I have some exciting news for you all." I state once we're all settled.

Everyone looks at me, expectantly. 

"Lance and I are getting married on the full moon in two months!" I exclaim, then hold up my hand for everyone to see.

Mom squeals and runs over to the both of us, giving us both hugs.

Laura gives me a hug and congratulates the both of us.

"You better not hurt my sister or I'll hurt you. You might've trained me, but when it comes to family, there's a whole new side to me." John states seriously.

"I rather die then hurt her in any way." Lance replies. 

John nods and shakes Lance's hand before hugging me.

Dad nods and shakes Lance's hand, then wraps his arms around me. 

"I want details." Mom states once we all sit down. 

"I hired a secrete photographer who captured our entire evening." Lance comments, bringing the book out and carefully passing it to my mom.

"It was amazing mom. Lance and I already have talked about wedding details. It's going to be a small family and close friend wedding. We're having the wedding in Finland. In the woods, there is a waterfall. We're having the wedding at night and our source of lighting will be the full moon and if needed, candles. Afterwards of course is dinner. As for the reception however, people are going to have to travel a little bit if they want to come. The reception will also be in Finland, probably in the same spot." I explain, the smiling never leaving my face once. 

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