Let Me Make It Up To You Part 2.

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Shit! Shit! Shit! I was panicking right now and I was looking at the girls for help who had the same expression as me. I bit my lip and cleared my throat contemplating whether I should tell her or not. I looked at her and bit my lip.

Hailey:"Uh....we broke up"I said making her eyes go wide.

Y/n:"I'm sorry....I didn't know"She said sitting up straight"I shouldn't have asked...sorry"She said once again making me nod.

Hailey:"Its fine Y/n....we weren't really meant to be I guess"I said making her give me a small smile.

Y/n:"Guess so"She said making me nod. Everyone went quite making me feel a little uncomfortable. I saw Y/n look at me and I could feel her eyes studying me making me uncomfortable under her intense gaze.

Kendall:"So...."She said clearing her throat"What are we gonna do now?"She asked looking at Y/n who snapped out of it and looked at her.

Y/n:"Well, since we finish eat and stuff we could go shopping...."She suggested making us all nod"Alright then...lets go"She said making us all nod. She paid for the bill and we walked out to the cars.

Kylie:"So which store first?"She asked making Y/n shrug.

Y/n:"You girls can go wherever....I need to buy some shoes and stuff"She said making us nod. The drive was quite and I could literally feel the questions Y/n wanted to ask me but held back. What is she thinking about?

Y/n parked the car and got out helping us out while the guys parked near her. Some fans came up to us asking for pictures and stuff which we agreed to and then walked off to some stores. The guys followed us making us look at them confused.

Gigi:"Didn't you'll wanna go do your own thing"She said slightly confused making them nod.

Zayn:"We did but it doesn't feel right leaving you girls alone"He said making them all nod.

Y/n:"That and I don't like the way the guys are drooling over you'll"She said with a scowl on her face making the guys chuckle and shake their heads.

Abel:"I don't think we need to be worried about you'll when Y/n's around"He said making us giggle and blush a little while Y/n just nudged him.

Y/n:"So which store first?"She asked changing the subject making us look around. I smiled big and saw them follow my gaze.

Zayn:"Really?"He asked making us all nod and grab them pulling them to the store. The girls and I grabbed some dresses and shirts handing them to Y/n and the guys while we looked for more.

Y/n:"Uh Hails...."She said trying to look over the mountain of clothes that she was holding" Can you try these on first and then pick out new ones?" She asked making me laugh a little. she's so cute.

Hailey:" Okay.....lets go" I said walking to the changing room. I took the clothes from Y/n and walked to the changing room sighing. Damn that's a lot of clothes.

Y/n:" No wonder the guys don't go shopping with you girls" She mumbled making me giggle.

Hailey:" I can hear you Y/l/n" I said making her chuckle.

Y/n:" I know Baldwin" She said making me giggle and shake my head. This girl.......

I was busy trying on the stuff that I got and currently having a hard time. I groaned and tried pulling the zipper up one more time and groaned again. maybe I should just ask her..... I sighed and opened the change room door a little and saw Y/n playing games on her phone making me clear my throat. She looked up and eyed my body making me blush and look down.

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