Memories..... Do Not Open Part 2.

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I woke up to the sound of my alarm making me groan. I was about to grab my phone when I noticed a weight on my chest making me look down. Hailey had her arm wrapped around me with her legs over mines and her head on my chest sound asleep. I smiled a little but then remembered that she was dating Justin and frowned.

Y/n:"Hailey..."I said shaking her a little making her groan and hold me tighter. I sighed and looked up at the ceiling thinking of what to do to wake her up"Hailey....."I said once again making her move and put her head by my neck.

Hailey:"Hmm...."She hummed making me chuckle.

Y/n:"Hailey.... I need to wake up"I said making her pull away and look at me with sleepy eyes making her look adorable. She rubbed her eyes and then looked at me making her eyes go wide and unwrap herself from me.

Hailey:"Oh! Uh sorry...."She said blushing making me chuckle a little. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss her cuddles.

Y/n:"Its fine....I'm gonna go shower"I said making her nod and look down still blushing. I walked to the bathroom and groaned. Stupid morning wood"Cold shower it is"I said turning the shower on. After my much needed shower I walked out and saw the girls scrabbling around my room. They all turned and faced me with red faces.

Bella:"Shit! Sorry!"She said covering her eyes making me chuckle.

Y/n:"Whats up?"I asked making them all look around and blush even more.

Kendall:"Uh we needed clothes....."She said making me chuckle. I walked to my closet and put my boxers on with a shirt and called them in.

Y/n:"Go crazy"I said making them nod and raid my closet. I grabbed my white ripped jeans and my bomber jacket and slipped it on. The girls walked out my closet and smiled like kids.

Gigi:"Your clothes are amazing"She said smiling big.

Kylie:"And smell good"She said making me chuckle and shake my head. I slipped my superstars on and put my hair in a high ponytail and sighed.

Y/n:"Where are the guys?"I asked making them stop snuggling with my clothes and look at me embarrassed.

Hailey:"Downstairs"She said making me nod. I grabbed my wallet and phone and headed downstairs with the girls. I walked in and the guys all looked at the girls and laughed.

Abel:"You just had to raid her closet didn't you'll?"He asked making them all smile and nod.

Kendall:"That and we fit into her stuff and not to mention it smells amazing"She said.

Hailey:"She has good taste"She said making everyone look at her and smirk while both her and I blushed.

Y/n:"Anyways....breakfast?"I ashed making them all look at me and smile. I sighed and woke up"I think the only reason you'll love me is cause I feed you"I said making them laugh and smile.

Zayn:"You cook nice food"He said making me laugh.

Y/n:"You should know since you eat it all"I said making everyone laugh and Zayn blush.

I decided to make some bacon and eggs since it was fast and I had to leave for rehearsals soon. I cooked breakfast and served it making them all smile and dig in. We all sat back and sighed satisfied.

Taco:"That was good"He said making me nod and clear up. I sighed and looked at the time.

Y/n:"Well, I have to go for rehearsals so I'll see you'll at the show?"I asked making them and nod and smile. I bid my goodbyes to them and drove to the venue. I arrived and walked backstage to see Andrew and Alex"Ah the famous Chainsmokers"I said making them chuckle and face me.

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